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BBWFanFest Winners: Porn’s version of Manifest Destiny

July 9, 2012 Gram the Man 0

Like you, I want to get closer and closer still to the large women I admire, as if I am an ant crawling on a peach or a lonely planetoid orbiting the Sun. But it seems that the Las Vegas convention known as the BBWFanFest (July 13-15, starring April Flores and Kelly Shibari) is drawing imitators seeking to put a Lap Band on its potential. I say fie on those foul copyfats.

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Padded Kink: Hefty Honies Humiliated Halfheartedly

March 29, 2012 Gram the Man 0

Are you saying I need to come to my own conclusions but that—perhaps—people shouldn’t be so goddamned outraged over everything? That one way of taking power away from detractors is to use their own tools against ourselves and, emerging unscathed, win?