BBWFanFest Winners: Porn’s version of Manifest Destiny

Like you, I want to get closer and closer still to the large women I admire, as if I am an ant crawling on a peach or a lonely planetoid orbiting the Sun. But it seems that the Las Vegas convention known as the BBWFanFest (July 13-15, starring April Flores and Kelly Shibari) is drawing imitators seeking to put a Lap Band on its potential. I say fie on those foul copyfats.

“Roseanne XXX”: Even working class porn parodies are supposed to be funny

Roseanne: The XXX Parody

Studio: Dream Zone Enertainment
Director: Jim Enrght
Starring: Kelly Shibari, Tim von Swine, Violet Monroe, Jules Sterling, Vin Vercose, Kayla Paige, Kris Slater, Dylan Ryder, Johnny Castle, Jack Lawrence

This review originally appeared on Fleshbot

The Connor family gathers for Thanksgiving and, Cinemax-style, employs a generic soundtrack and uses phone calls and flashbacks to set up sex scenes that could have taken place in any movie, but for the lovely Violet Monroe’s plaid shirt.

For some reason the gang is gathered in a room outfitted like a mead hall, underlining a production that didn’t try too hard. When Jack Lawrence steps in for a scene (set up via phone) in a jail, we sense that he was hired simply because he already owned a cop uniform.