Thai, Brazilian, or Unspecified Asian? A quiz

Like you, I have trouble telling certain individuals apart. Sometimes groups of people look the same. For me, those groups include adult webmasters (goatee/scalp visible through styling gel), executive assistants to basic cable executives (gay), community theatre stage managers (broken ankle/leg), steveporn performers (haunted/sullen), etc.

For this reason I am sympathetic to the dilemma of porn consumers who can’t tell Japanese performers from Thai ones or Brazilian girls from their counterparts in Honduras. I am sad to say that there are few rules; you have to study each closely.

My friends at Third World Media have put together this gallery where the only sure thing is this: If it’s a tan line, it’s Brazilian.

See the gallery here.

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  1. Porn needs a “world music” kind of label. E.g., “a super-hot ethnic babe!”

    Doesn’t that get the fantasy juices well mixed in the old, erm, juice box? (That metaphor might have gone awry.)

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