Thank God it’s FridayTM

I get e-mails from a company called Adult Talent Managers declaring the availability (and for what services) of their clients for adult films. Today, even though it’s Monday, the company announced the achedule of a woman named Friday, who will be in town in August, all 4’11” of her.

Friday does all the standard things, like blowjobs, girl/boy scenes, interracial scenes, etc., but she does it while taking up less vertical space. I feel the same way about Aiden Starr, another efficiency model porn performer whose motto should be “Better Highway.”

But one can’t look at the French Friday without invoking the name of the Intelligent Designer. That is why I have trademarked the ejaculation “Thank God It’s Friday” to differentiate her from, say, Kiki D’aire, whose fans greet her with “Oh Jesus Christ.”

I think “Thank God It’s Friday” is an interesting way to remember both the performer and the actual day of the week, which is why I coined this slogan. I imagine that, long after the performer Friday has retired from her adult career, people might still say “Thank God it’s Friday” when arriving to work on Friday morning, and maybe will even greet friends at their local chain watering hole at the end of a tough week with that statement.

Thus will something I invented for a woman who gives blowjobs for money pass into common English usage. That will be my legacy, my friends.

The initials of Adult Talent Managers, like those of Digital Playground, are shorthand for a specialized service often found in porn movies and in the wild. I think a good marketing ploy for both companies would be to offer their “initial” service across their product line, so every scene with Stoya will be a DP and every scene with Friday involves ATM.

Adult Talent Managers is, by the way, the only agency with the marketing savvy to submit its arrivals for this fantastic advertising service I provide, even though this site is read by dozens of people worldwide.

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  1. I hope your “Thank God It’s Friday” plan (which I may sometimes abbreviate to TGI’sF!) will be as successful as the last campaign in which you coined a phrase for a woman who gave blowjobs for money. Sometimes I still greet coworkers on Friday nights after work at the bar by saying “Deep Throat!”

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