The buttoned-down Ava Rose

Since it’s only April and the heat is already at record-breaking levels here in Porn Valley, what better way to celebrate the slow roasting of the oceans than to talk with Alaska’s own Ava Rose, contract star for Adam & Eve and, if there could be a contract star of the pants, well, there too.

Rose and her sister, Mia, grew up in Sutton, AK, a town of (then) 400 people just up Rt. 1 from Anchorage.

“You know Alaska?” she asked.

“No,” I said. “But I can see it from Space.”

“You spend most of the time preparing for the winter there,” she said. “It’s a good place to grow up, I realize now, but that’s why so many adults commit suicide; they work their asses off to get snowed in.”

Ava and Mia left Sutton for Reno in 1996. When Ava began dancing in Reno at the Wild Orchid, she didn’t like it.

“I’d make a little money onstage but I couldn’t stand to bullshit the guys with the lap dances and steal their money,” she said. “It’s much easier to spread your legs in porn.

“Porn’s pretty easy,” she said, “if you’re clever about things and you know when to say no.”

Rose worked for Naughty America, Metro, and Lethal Hardcore before she signed her Adam & Eve contract. Sometimes she would be cast with her sister, but Mia took more gonzo roles and Ava became Adam & Eve’s lone brunette. She has appeared in that company’s Carolina Jones, Dark City, and just wrapped Roller Dollz.

I asked what she thinks about the term “mainstream” as it applies to porn.

“Every time a porn star is in a movie she plays a stripper or a prostitute,” she said. “I like staying where I am. People seem to always want a way into porn or a way out of it. When porn tries to look mainstream, it just ends up looking like Ultimate Porno.”

Having a contract allows Rose a lot of time to read. She lives in Hollywood north of Sunset, and her bookcase is filled with true crime novels.

I asked if she read them for pointers.

“If someone offered me a million dollars to brutally murder someone else,” she said. “I couldn’t do it. But I like reading about it.”

What is dating like?

“I don’t date exclusively,” she said. “It might not be the time in my life for it. It’s also a little dangerous emotionally. I mean, open relationships are hard but finding out a lie is harder. Hardly ever do people not cheat.”

What do you mean?

“I can’t stand jealousy and obsession.”

Do people get obsessed with you?

“Sometimes. That kind of insecurity is unattractive. But I’m still young and working things out. One thing’s for sure: when you plan for a threesome it never fucking goes right.”

Rose is 22. She gets a monthly check from Adam & Eve, a company that probably pays the highest of the major adult studios. Without makeup and wearing sweats, Rose is indistinguishable from any other young actress in her neighborhood, aside from the fact that she’s working.

I asked if it was necessary to have an exit strategy from porn.

“I’d like to stay in L.A. and study Criminal Psychology,” she said.

And what about relationships after Porn?

“I smoke a lot of cigarettes so I don’t know how I’ll age,” she said. “But I think someone will like me and my loose asshole when I’m done.”

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  1. You should (if you’re allowed) do more pieces like this – it’s nice getting a bit of insight into the people that… ummmmm… entertain you. Ava’s a doll (as is her sister).

    Shame about the cancer sticks, though.

    [geek]Some of those pictures reminded me of the pics Peter Parker took of Mary Jane in the first Spider-Man movie – not the nudity, but the poses.[/geek]

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