The sacred semiotics of the stigmafoot

The SiFeet Pussy Foot, a replica of a size-6 female right (or left) foot, is marketed with the attached image, depicting a pair of bound feet, one with a vagina in it.

You’d think that a foot with a vagina in it would be enough for foot fetishists, but the bonus is that the marital aid recalls the wounds of Our Lord, but in vagina form.

In general, smaller feet are in vogue for fetishists. Gina Lynn’s feet – size 4.5 – are about the standard size. A size 6 is somewhat mannish, putting one in mind of the feet of a simple carpenter 2,000 years ago, when people were smaller.

We traditionally see Jesus’ foot wounds, 20 percent of the stigmata, from the front. But it stands (ha ha!) to reason that the nail would go all the way through to the crucifix, leaving a vagina-sized exit wound.

Unless we are considering birth, we never think of the vagina as an exit, only an entrance. Since the New Testament was not particularly graphic, might the virgin birth have taken place somewhere near the shoes?

This image has disturbed me. Are there children born with vaginas in their feet? Parents probably try to keep that news from the popular press. It’s hard to imagine walking that way, much less leaving footprints in the sand.

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