Amy Fisher and Lou Bellera: How to quit worrying and love your celebrity sex tape

“Well, honey, I have something to tell you.”

Amy Fisher and Lou Bellera were having marital problems in April of 2007. They had separated and divorce papers had been filed when Bellera read that she was again seeing Joey Buttafuoco.

“I was buying flowers for her one day, hoping to reconcile, and I saw it in the New York Post,” Bellera said. That gave him an idea.

After the gap: Bellera’s unlikely scheme to win Fisher back.

“People know me,” Bellera, an event producer and wedding videographer, said. “I’ve got to listen to people talking about what they see in the Post? Eight years we’ve been together, two children? Now this?

“I thought, ‘She embarrasses me, I’ll embarrass her back.'”

Bellera, now 57, had been making home sex tapes with Fisher, 25 years his junior, for a few years. Now he planned to share them with a wide audience.

“They were intended entirely for our own enjoyment,” he said, “until this happened.

“I contacted Red Light District and made a deal.”

Red Light District has made millions distributing Paris Hilton’s sex tape as well as those of Pamela Anderson and Dustin “Screech” Diamond.

Didn’t Fisher have to sign anything?

“I didn’t give a shit one way or the other,” Bellera said. “They (Red Light District) said everything was cool, whether or not they had the right to.”

Soon after Bellera made the deal, he and Fisher reunited. It was then that he told her.

“She told me what she’d been up to. I said, ‘Well, honey, I have something to tell you.’ You can imagine that didn’t go over too well.

“She started screaming and yelling. Finally, I said, ‘I’m not O.J. – I didn’t kill you.'”

Bellera and Fisher met on He didn’t realize who she was until they were sitting across from each other at dinner.

“And at that point it didn’t matter,” he said. “She’s intelligent, she’s beautiful. And she’s very low key, believe it or not.”

The sex tapes were made at home and at locations around the south shore of Long Island.

“And maybe they’re not the highest quality,” Bellera said, “maybe they’re not white-balanced in every scene, but they’re real.”

Despite Bellera’s humility, the couple’s video effort is the most effective celebrity sex tape available due to its rigid adherence to pornic standards as set forth in the Barcelona Council of 1997.

Bellera said that Red Light president David Joseph proclaimed what would become Amy Fisher: Caught on Tape to be the best celebrity sex tape he’d ever seen.

But what about Fisher’s alleged lawsuit? Was that a publicity stunt?

“Red Light settled with Amy,” Bellera said. “They now own, too, which I originally owned. Since it’s out there already and it’s getting such a big response, she’s getting used to the idea. She resigned herself to go with it.”

In fact, Fisher is now taking an active part in the tape’s publicity; she will be appearing at this week’s Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas at the Red Light District booth. Bellera will be with her.

The silver-haired Bellera is proud of his work, and Fisher.

“It keeps you young, having a young wife,” he said. “It motivates you to not turn to that retirement mentality.

“I’m a physical specimen for my age,” he said. “If a guy stays in shape and takes pride in his appearance, that breaks a social taboo, to have an older guy in a porno.”

Bellera said there is a dditional footage but he is keeping silent about the possibility of releasing it, or even making more movies now that Fisher is on board.

“The possibilities exist,” he said, “but we’ll see.”

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  1. “… that breaks a social taboo, to have an older guy in a porno.”

    It does? Quick, someone tell Ron Jeremy, Dick Nasty and Dave Cummings that they can have sex with younger girls now!

    Oh, wait…

  2. You kow, you’re so cynical “Wayne”. Don’t you know that when someone says something in this business, it’s the FIRST TIME IT’S EVER BEEN SAID?

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