Katsuni: Let them eat me

Exotic Dancer magazine sponsors an annual trade show in Las Vegas for the peeling industry. Everyone from stripper pole manufacturers, alcohol vendors, the people who supply lights and the mirrored floors particular to gentlemen’s clubs, and manufacturers for those little chairs the bouncers sit on convene yearly to swap tips.

But the highlight of the trade show is the Exotic Dancer Awards on August 25. The nominees for Performer of the Year include France’s own Katsuni, Lisa Ann, Belladonna, and Sunny Leone.

“I just don’t forget that I started as a simple go-go dancer in night clubs in France,” said the modest Katsuni, about whom nothing is simple, and for whom Bastille Day evokes images of home.

As a mournful accordion played, I readjusted my baguette and listened as Katsuni compared American audiences with those in her native land.

“I love being on stage, play with the audience,” she said. “I really have fun in the US clubs. The fans there are crazy, and the girls are incredibly hot.”

It is unfortunate that the Exotic Dancer awards share initials with Erectile Dysfunction. You’d think someone suffering from one might be helped out by the other, but it’s confusing.

“Ah, Cherie,” said Katsuni, clutching a bottle of Perma Soft, “you would not understand.”

The ED Awards are also set up for online voting. To vote for Katsuni or anyone else, click the link below. If no tumbrels arrive at your door, you have chosen wisely.

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