Katsuni: un cheval fou

Personal friend Katsuni will be dancing tonight through Saturday at San Francisco’s Crazy Horse on Market Street.

“I prefer American audiences because they are more crazy,” she said. “They like to give tips.”

“Oh,” I said, “like ‘use baking soda to get rid of tough stains’ or ‘never buy a bigger house than you need’?”

Non,” she said. “They like to give me more money than audiences do in Europe.”

“How would you describe European strip club audiences as compared to American ones?” I said.

“Europeans look at it as a performance or a play. They often just sit there. Americans yell and throw money around.”

“Yes,” I shouted, beaning her with Grover Cleveland. “Yes we do.”

Katsuni’s first dance appearance was at Crazy Horse last year at this time. Since then she has taken pole dancing classes. If you go, please let me know if all that studying has added to the overall performance or just made Katsuni more difficult to hit with money.

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