Studio: Abigail Productions
Director: Madison Young
Cast: Selina Raven, Jiz Lee, Trouble Royale, Sadie Lune, Penny Play, Tina Horn, Pepper, Anja

As a pornthropologist, I am fascinated by the habits of lesbians. Their rituals and socialization can tell us a lot about ourselves, I think, in that they also cook dinner, wear clothing, and walk, jump, and run in much the same ways we do.

But they can also be vindictive.

Jiz Lee arrives in coat and tie to Mrs. Robinson’s house, come to take out her Robinson’s lover’s daugher, in Madison Young’s Layover. A frank Mrs. Robinson invites Lee in for a brandy and all hell breaks loose.

“I’m about to offer you the opportunity of a lifetime, Jiz,” says Mrs. Robinson (the exquisite Selina Raven) as the younger woman’s stunned face is framed by the topless and gartered cougar’s akimbo arm.

What do you call a femme-y lesbian with a butch haircut wearing a tie? Is it common for a lesbian mom to beget lesbian offspring? Are all these strange and new relationships and sexual subcategories as casual in San Francisco as they are exotic everywhere else?

Regardless, Mrs. Robinson is a lesbian predatrix for the rest of us.

“I find you very attractive,” continues Mrs. Robinson to Jiz, “and I’m making myself completely available to you.”

I don’t know how I feel about parents/guardians accepting that their post-pubescent children are sexually capable beings – it certainly is not how I was raised – but that is just what happens in this movie. While Mrs. Robinson is servicing Jiz, Jiz’s girlfriend/Mrs. Robinson’s adult ward Tee (Trouble Royale) is messing around with her own pal who happens to be a girl, and they both collapse in exhaustion on Mom’s couch.

Then, because I have observed lesbians being able to couple multiple times in one night, Mrs. Robinon goes to a key party hosted by, I think, Susan Sontag, where she takes part in a three-way.

And all because Mrs. Robinson’s lover has had a flight delay in St. Louis and has foiled her dinner plans.

So, if you are a lesbian, next time your airline makes a mistake and strands you in the heartland, know that your lover will cheat on you with your daughter’s girlfriend and get in a three-way with some randily progressive girls.

This is a fun movie with nice bits of business between the characters, each of whom is as comfortable in her own skin as she is getting all over someone else’s.

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