Meet Sadie West

“So I guess I’m Sadie West now?”

The 5’2″ New Sensations contract performer (she joins Ashlynn Brooke) has just finished telling me the origins of her nom de porn, the first part of which is the rejected name for her niece and the second being her region of the United States. Having performed in only seven scenes in the entirety of her two months in porn, she can’t keep a straight face when fellow performers introduce themselves with their own porn names.

Really?” West says, “Ashley Cumz?”

Sadie, on the other hand, “is Native American for ‘Princess’.”

The Carlsbad, CA native was dancing at bachelor parties and maintaining a low Internet profile when Porn Valley started calling, and she was at first hesitant. There is a difference between performing for a bunch of guys with camera phones and a bunch of guys with actual cameras. And she thought that people close to her might be offended.

“But,” she said, after three weeks she decided that “I’m sick of living for other people” and signed a contract with New Sensations.

As we sat on a bed in Simi Valley (Poltergeist was filmed in the neighborhood), our conversation was constantly checked by West’s handlers, who stood nearby, making sure she didn’t say anything that would taint her brand new image.

Things that would make you fall in love with Sadie West were deemed inappropriate for printing. Sitting next to this petite 20-year-old with perfect boobs, hazel eyes, and a schoolgirl outfit, I never felt more Amish.

I asked her if there was anything she had done in her seven scenes that she hadn’t done in real life.

“Nothing,” she said. “Except in porn I do it longer.”

Before getting into porn, West favored watching porn that was more “aggressive,” and liked the more petite and glamorous performers like Jesse Jane and Teagan (who is also from Carlsbad, though West and she don’t know each other).

Downstairs, New Sensations director Eddie Powell was getting ready to shoot West and Anthony Rosano (last seen in these virtual pages as Gilligan) in Schoolgirl P.O.V., hence the Britney circa ’98 getup.

(Charles Manson’s caves are in the hills nearby, I thought; she should shoot biker movies up there. But she’s a schoolgirl today. What do I know?)

Powell has been working at New Sensations for eight years, having worked up from the graphic design and web departments to being head of post-production. He hasn’t taken a vacation in several years. It is like that in porn. Why go elsewhere to seek nudity?

It is Powell’s house we’re sitting in, and West goes downstairs to announce that she just clogged the toilet (her handlers are in the next room, so they cannot scold her).

“What did you do?” Powell asks.

“I put Baby Wipes in there,” she says.


West doesn’t look older than she is, but her voice is smoky like a late-night disc jockey and the poses she strikes for our initial photos are each model-perfect. She knows exactly what she’s doing in front of a camera.

But I don’t like model-perfect photos. I like pictures that make the viewer want to show up to West’s house with lunch. For a year. You’ll see the progression in the attached gallery.

West’s look is like a cross between Carmen Hart and Sophie Dee. Her mother is Mexican from Baja California and her father is Irish. For a time, she attended boarding school in Ensenada.

“Did you go to Papas ‘n’ Beer a lot?” I asked.

“I’d be the type to dance on the tables,” she said. Her handlers gave her a disapproving look.

I like Sadie West. I like her a lot. Why won’t they let her be free?

Since there is nothing that you will see West doing on screen that you can’t be sure she hasn’t already done, I ask her if all this screen sex has affected her home sex life.

“I give a lot more blowjobs,” she said.

“Do you agree with Bill Clinton that a blowjob is not sex?” I asked.

“A blowjob is a form of sex,” she said. I agree. The only difference between a blowjob and a 15-person gangbang is that with a blowjob, texting is easier. But both require the same expenditure of warm human regard, if not equal amounts of warm human semen.

West appears in a single scene on New Sensations’ website so far. The description is as follows:

“Sadie West takes matters into her own hands when she can’t get her package from the postman. So she offers to suck his cock if he will give her the package. More than willing to comply he whips out his meat and Sadie eats that cock with passion. She wants him in her bad and he takes that pussy head on by slinging his pork sword balls deep in her pumping her full of man. Sadie screams in delight as he fucks the hell out of her then paints her face with his nut sauce!”

It is the exclamation point, I think, that will cause US Postal Service applications to soar.

West has not yet seen herself have sex, and she’s nervous about it, but if there has been one thing she has learned in her first 60 days in porn, she says, it is that “porn stars know how to fuck better.”

It is time to shoot her eighth scene. Rosano walks in and begins nibbling on parts of her, but she looks straight at you, the viewer, like a pro.

You can meet her in January at the AVN Expo.

See a gallery here.

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  1. Oh my god. She is beautiful. Like, actually, beautiful, not just “beautiful” for a girl in porn. I think I might have a new favorite. Her scene with James Deen was super hot. Her body is perfect and so is her face. Incredible. Good call, dude. Good call.

  2. Ensenada is notorious for drug rehab boarding schools…which two years later she appears to be in full relapse. She looks skinny and strung out now. Sad.

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