MontagFoto 3.18.12—When Assnet became self-aware

It was May, 2006, a year after I’d started Porn Valley Observedin earnest, when I attended my first “Pussy Party,” and it became one of those rare events in which I knew I was having a good time while I was having it.

Most porn sets feature a lot of, er, coming and going, as performers arrive for different call times and leave when their scene is done. But Cousin Stevie’s “Pussy Party” series had 10 or so female performers—no men, else it would be a “Sausage Party”—arriving at 9 a.m. and staying until around midnight. By the end of the day it was just puddles of girl all over the low-pile carpeting.

I like this picture because it appears as if Kami Andrews is stunned that Erica Kole is growing out of her liquid plastic Terminator chassis, when in actuality my camera wasn’t that great.

Neither “Erika Kole” nor “Kami Andrews” are in the porn business anymore. Perhaps there were no surprises. I was happy to be there for one of the last ones.

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