MontagFoto 8.15.11: Mika Tan is not filming “XXXcalibur”

Here are Michelle Aston and Mika Tan from the 2007 Roy Karch film “Insertz.” I answer the following questions in this post:

1. Why is Tan wearing chain mail and attempting to rise up the chimney?
2. Is an Engineering Department t-shirt really suitable for a porn movie?

But I do not have sufficient information to answer this question:

3. Why is Mika Tan not starring as Igraine in “XXXcalibur”?

“Insertz” is based on “Inserts,” the interesting 1976 film starring Richard Dreyfuss and Veronica Cartwright as a down-on-his-luck Hollywood wunderkind and his muse. It was a great choice for a porn adaptation because Dreyfuss”s character had resorted to directing stag reels, or “inserts,” to pay his rent and alcohol bills in 1930’s L.A.

Karch’s movie was filmed over a weekend in April, 2007 in a house on the western slope of Porn Valley. The persistent and unsubstantiated rumor about that house—loaned more credibility if one asked “Why would anyone bother to make this up?”—is that it was once rented by none other than 70’s pop duo The Captain & Tennille. I don’t know about that, but I do know this house was the location where such porn classics as “Land of the Amazons” and “Night of the Giving Head” were filmed, and more than muskrats were loved in the filming of those epics.

Mika Tan was not one of the main characters in “Inserts,” and I can’t remember if her scene echoed one in the original movie, but it is always nice to see her, even dressed like a knight.

Michelle Aston, who had a brief but intriguing fling in the altporn world before leaving for greener pastures, was a production assistant on the movie. Even in 2007, it was apparent that porn performance alone was not a sustainable career for most people.

“Insertz” also starred Voodoo, Emily Evermore, Nicole Sheridan, Aurora Snow, and Paulina James. James was the contract girl for the former studio Sex Z Pictures until she had the temerity to become pregnant shortly after filming this movie.

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