On the road with Alix Lakehurst

“It’s a fantasy of mine to be a fantasy of someone else’s,” said Alix Lakehurst, a Chicago porn actress who is a throwback to a brassier, fleshier time.

Lakehurst makes me think of Gina Gershon, but not because she’s little and ropy.

“I took my porn (last) name from the movie theatre I first went down on a guy in,” she said.

It was while I was watching Gina Gershon and Jennifer Tilly in Bound when that first happened to me. I should check to see if there’s any porn girl working named Susan Showcase Cinemas Lawrence.

Lakehurst is busty and Greek in a way that must make people ashamed for knowing, like if your school crossing guard, postal carrier, or waitress was that busty and Mediterranean. She catches people looking at her when she’s on the train in Chicago.

“They don’t know the half of it,” she said.

Lakehurst lives in Wicker Park, a community north of the Loop in Chicago, and when she’s not working for boobcentric companies like Score in Florida, Big Top, or Homegrown Video, she is making guerilla porn on public transportation or Amtrak.

It was her flashing video on the train that first made me aware of her, then I met her in Las Vegas at the AVN convention, and recently she sent a DVD of her home videos to fans, in which we are treated to her philosophy on boob oiling (“I moisturize them every day”) and see her joining the 20 feet high club in the bathroom of a moving train.

Lakehurst’s appeal is not that she looks like a porn star. She started getting naked on camera two years ago and now, at 34 and far away from Porn Valley, she has neither the motivation nor the pressure to look a certain way.

“I work out and count calories,” she said, “but otherwise I’m lame and geeky. And I don’t want to be 95 pounds.”

As much as she has created a vocal and supportive fan base on her website, We Could Be Naked, Lakehurst’s weight does bring out some surprisingly harsh responses from detractors, who want their porn performers to look a certain way.

“What surprises me is that they go to the trouble of logging in and writing things like that,” she said.

Many of Lakehurst’s fans compare her to fleshier porn stars of the 80’s. One of them, Christy Canyon, became a particular obsession of Lakehurst’s, too. A blog and a series of articles for Mr. Skin, The Road to Christy Canyon, detailed Lakehurst’s quest to meet her hero, whom she’d first seen in a porn when Lakehurst was 19.

“She changed my life,” Lakehurst said. “I thought she was so beautiful.”

Lakehurst eventually met and interviewed Canyon on the set of the latter’s Playboy Radio show.

Lakehurst is different from other porn stars, too, in that her lack of proximity to America’s Great Porn Proving Grounds limit her exhibitionism to her website where, self-directed, her persona is much more vulnerable.

“It’s also because I actually like sex,” she said. “I know I’ll get tired of it if there’s no connection, or if it’s like a factory down there. I don’t want to be desensitized.”

Because of this, Lakehurst has not developed a thick skin, or the killer instinct required to either succeed in mainstream porn or at least to not feel personally slighted.

“I know it’s a business about bodies and boobs and asses,” she said, “but it’s hard to get away from the feeling that when someone doesn’t like my ass, they don’t like me.”

Lakehurst is discouraged with mainstream porn after a recent bad experience with the company Bang Brothers, which she wrote about on her site. “I could win a hip and thigh award but not an ass award,” she said.

This vulnerability makes Lakehurst worth watching, especially in a business where 18-year-olds can develop the thousand-yard-stare pretty quickly.

“When I was younger I drank a lot,” she said. “I was unhappy all the time. I liked cocaine. But now I don’t. I want to feel more.”

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  1. New and very enthralled fan here. That’s so surreal, to think of Miss Lakehurst flashing on the metra since I use it all the time. I’ve never “gotten” the mentality that permeates the bigger porn forums online.

    I think that people who have a dogmatic view of porn are the ones who gravitate towards posting negativity. There’s a very large and vocal group who seem to be militantly against most anything that deviates from the usual standards and formulas.

    I’d guess they also know nothing about business. I bet the majority of the negative posters think Alix is already pulling down 100k and promotes herself so she can make even more.

    Alix’s work is refreshing, and very authentic. The blog is also really cool, the level of honesty is admirable.

    please delete multiple posts, as I have no idea if the word verification worked.

  2. Unlike so many adult stars, Alix is a real woman. There is something about her that’s different and sexy in a unique way. If her persona comes across accurately on her website, she’s funny, honest and slightly vulnerable as well. I find it very sad that she seems to attract vicious and unnecessary abuse just because she doesn’t conform to the ideal. Personally, Ideal=Dull.

    I just wish I lived near Chicago instead of the UK, as I should so like to meet her in real life.

  3. I don’t see how anyone can criticize her for doing something she enjoys. If you don’t like it, go to a different website. As for me, she has a figure that I could watch all day long, clothed or unclothed.

  4. You hit it on the head Gram, Alix is someone worth watching because she’s not just the usual porn object that you stare at to get off. She’s the girl next door, the hot friend, the sexy teacher, but in the real world, not some celluloid or digital fantasy.

  5. “I took my porn (last) name from the movie theatre I first went down on a guy in,” she said.

    It was while I was watching Gina Gershon and Jennifer Tilly in Bound when that first happened to me. I should check to see if there’s any porn girl working named Susan Showcase Cinemas Lawrence.

    There is a Chastity Theaters I-V, if that counts. Or did you lose your theater cherry in the ritzy Theaters V-VIII across the street.

    I fingered a girl for the first time in the Lawrence Showcase parking lot, with a load of stolen wine coolers from Market Basket in the back of my parents’ mini-van. Ah, the joys of working at Market Basket.


  6. ” Waa Waa Waa, my life is soooo

    hard because i’m fat ” .

    Yawn .

    All you that say Chunky McTubby

    makes ‘unique’ or ‘real ‘ porn

    need to realize that pre/post-op

    trannys make ” unique ” porn too,

    but i sure as shit aint watching

    that ka ka neither .

    More Gianna and Penny Flame, less

    wanna-be porn hags .

    Le Continental .

  7. I find it fascinating that you continuously find the need to post negative responses to articles about Alix. By your juvenile responses, name calling and your attempts to be noticed by typing your responses in such a way that they take up large spaces on the page, you show what a pseudo-intellectual child you really are.

    If you really don’t want to read about Alix, then don’t, just bypass the article and go on to the next. Gram writes about a lot of things, and I doubt everyone reads each and every article in detail, but we read the ones that interest us. You are almost waging a single handed negative campaign against her because of your own dislike, get over it.

    People like what they like, but you seem to want to dictate that choice and then claim freedom of choice. Yet you continue to not want anyone to choose Alix. Move on idiot, she has.

  8. I like her, she really does look like the girl next door. THE REAL girl next door, not the girl next door that playboy has everyone believes is real.

    I would bet most of the people who post negative stuff about her are assholes who spend more time with their computer than with their girlfriend, if they can even manage to find a girl. They would probably give ron jeremy a run for his money for the nickname “Hedgehog”

    alix if you ever read this, YOU are beautiful! ALL OF YOU! forget the neysayers.

  9. “My boobs started sprouting when I was about 10 in h grade. They were uneven which freaked me out. I thought everyone was staring at them because of their unusual sizes. It was the 80’s and most everyone wore sweatshirts with bears on them or neon. I hid them for a while under my clothes, embarrassed of them. Eventually, I had to get a bra. I started with a B cup skipping the A’s. By high school I was a C cup and senior year I wore D cups. It wasn’t until my twentiess that I hit E cups. Bras with the E-sized cups were nowhere to be found. Since there were no proper sizes for me I had to suffer with small bras that split my breasts in two making me look as if I had four boobs. Still, with these huge beautiful tits I was embarrassed having these freak of nature breasts.”

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