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Long before he was raising Debbie from the dead, Paul Thomas was professionally denying Jesus Christ. Above is a picture of the man who would become “PT” alongside Yvonne Elliman in Norman Jewison’s 1973 production of “Jesus Christ Superstar,” in which the future Vivid director played Peter.

The above might be the scene in which Thomas claims he taught Mary Magdalene that everything was all right, everything’s fine:

“Yvonne Elliman (Mary Magdalene) had just seen ‘Deep Throat’ but wanted to know what one was like,” PT said of his time shooting the Norman Jewison classic. “So we went off to the desert and she practiced her deep throating techniques on some of the, er, saints.”

I have been listening to Thomas saying “I don’t know him!” for many Good Fridays before I ever met him, although Jewison claims in the movie commentary that he dubbed Thomas’ voice for the few speaking parts in the film.

Jesus, there’s been a lot of Jesus this week.

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