Richard Branson and Denni Parkinson: The Rich get a better quality of interloper

It seems that whenever I am interviewed for a magazine or television show there is some homeless person, crack addict, or “John 3:16” sandwich board dude who gets in the shot. This doesn’t happen to Richard Branson.

Instead Branson, recording and airline industry mogul and owner of an island in the Caribbean, gets Denni Parkinson, who happened to be lounging naked nearby Branson’s photo spread for photographer Stephane Gautronneau.

As Branson’s wife and offspring watched from the shore, Parkinson (Gautronneau’s girlfriend) attached herself to the tycoon as he tried to windsurf, which is still better than when I got scabies during my interview for the Silverlake Bee.

No other news outlet, it seems, has the balls enough to cover the Branson story as a class issue. Or how it relates to me.

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