Sex in public with April O’Neil

April ONeil

Of course I love the pictures of April O’Neil spreading for passersby on a traffic island, but somehow it is the picture above that looks the least porny but the most sexy; it is as if she is delighted by the look on your face.April ONeilYou were just walking your dog across Beverly Blvd. in West Hollywood and then this happened.April ONeilEven though the Internet should be free and porn stars should get residuals, Teasers VOD is one site you should seriously consider paying to be a member of. All their videos are shot in public at great risk to the crew but great titillation to the people who are lucky enough to happen by.

Teasers VOD co-founder Marc Star has been working in porn as a photographer and writer since 1996. He and his partners began shooting for Teasers in 2007.

“I borrowed a video camera from a friend,” Star said. “I called up Goldstar Modeling, talked to Joel Lawrence and asked to hire Whitney Stevens (Stevens’ scene arrives on the site on August 21). She was brand new and Joel was reluctant to hire her out to me. ‘This isn’t an escort service,’ he told me. But I talked him into it.”April ONeilI wonder if O’Neil was wearing sunglasses using the logic that if she couldn’t see you, you couldn’t see her. In that way she is a much hotter version of the BugBlatter Beast Of Thrall.

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