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sugar-town-review-ponanteStudio: Vivid
Director: Dave Naz
Cast: Ashley Blue, Tyler Knight, Julius Ceazher, Tori Black, Mr. Marcus, Britney Stevens, Tony T., Whitney Stevens, Dirty Harry, Veronica Hart, Jada Fire, Gorgus Drae

Dave Naz seems to like women who are just a little fleshy, who can be gripped when necessary. Look at the cast list above and imagine a nice two-handed grip on the performers listed. Now imagine them dressed like extras on “CHiPs” and you have “Sugar Town,” a fun little movie that plays like a prequel to this summer’s “circa 82.”

With more of a vibe than a plot, “Sugar Town” is a series of vignettes featuring a multi-racial male cast, various vintage muscle cars, and women in the type of dresses you’d see hookers wearing in the audience of Wayne Newton specials. And then they fuck (not the cars).

Octavio Winkytiki outdid himself in the editing, which features a tongue-in-cheek 70’s homage in the opening credits. The always-game Tyler Knight, later to service Ashley Blue, checks himself out in the sideview mirror of his dazzling lime green Mercury and does a Sealy Posturepedic Morning freeze-frame kick in the air. It’s that kind of movie.

And the music is great, too. Like last week’s “Post-Apocalyptic Cowgirls,” “Sugar Town” doesn’t overdo the music and the music makes the movie better.

But “Sugar Town,” while stylish, doesn’t forget substance, such as the substance of a porn movie ever is. We’re not subjected to camera tricks or lingering shots of irrelevant things. Why mention things that are not there? Because the pitfall many otherwise talented photographers face is forgetting that porn is something that is basic, and which can’t shoulder too much fluff on top, especially in a gonzo movie.

Three male performers augment their roles by dressing as scaled-down versions of “Starsky & Hutch”‘s Huggy Bear. Tyler Knight and Julius Ceazher appear with Blue and Tori Black, respectively, and Mr. Marcus opens the movie (and Britney Stevens) with one of two real dialogue scenes.

Britney Stevens reminds me of a more voluptuous Joey Lauren Adams. She’s delicious. While their conversation about the merits of Ted Nugent vs. Kurtis Blow isn’t out of place, she and Marcus seem like two porn actors reading dialogue, which can be forgiven under Porn’s A for Effort rule.

And it’s not that they don’t look like they could nail it, either. But a director can only ask so much from a gonzo scene. Are the performers here to act or to fuck? Since it’s the latter, a director has to get the best he can. The Ted Nugent on a trampoline speech would have sung if only Naz had been able to work with them for six more hours…

The other dialogue scene features Dirty Harry who stops by Veronica Hart’s place to pick her up for a date and is greeted by her daughter, Whitney Stevens. Whitney is a tease and the dream sequence dialogue pushes the fraught and tormented Harry to furiously masturbate to the 20-year-old vixen while Mom gets ready.

Later, Whitney Stevens (no relation, I don’t think, to Britney Stevens, just in case you’re wondering) hooks up with Tony T. for a standard tryst. The non-sex (masturbation never counts) scene with Dirty Harry and Veronica Hart meant nothing, in other words, but people the world over know that Dirty Harry only makes good movies better.

Sugar Town and Circa 82 will make great stocking stuffers. Now Naz needs to go five years earlier and do his Deep Throat-era movie.

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