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Cui Boner or: AVN is like a Rolling Stone

Ain’t it hard to discover that/He ain’t really where it’s at/After he took from you everything he could steal?/How does it feel? – Bob Dylan I got a message from a colleague who happens to work at an adult trade publication. “This is ripe for your site, Gram,” stated the colleague, attaching several meticulously scanned side-by-side images of the redesigned AVN magazine with Rolling Stone. “I can’t image the editors at RS – not to mention their legal team –

AVN sends employees, lawsuit to XBiz

AVN yesterday filed suit in Los Angeles Superior Court against rival XBiz, claiming the upstart adult trade publication misappropriated trade secrets and generated unfair competition in its poaching of sales director Sara Sazzman last month. Both outfits have shed employees lately but, aside from ronin porn scribe Tom Hymes, the migration has always been from Chatsworth’s AVN to Hancock Park’s XBiz, which might as well change its name to AVN South. In a March 25 letter to advertisers following Sazzman’s

XBiz releases tell-all book

Sassy adult trade publication ingenue XBiz has released its titillating expose’ of the porn world, The State of the Industry: Researched And Revealed. I breathlessly rang up XBiz president Alec Helmy and asked him the questions on everyone’s mind. Gram: Why This, Why Now? Helmy: The idea was inspired by the fact that a professional-level market study had never been conducted before. We also set out to study and report on the most significant trends impacting the industry today. The

Apple to leave MacWorld for Adult Entertainment Expo

Tech watchers are up in arms about Apple’s announcement that this January’s MacWorld Expo will be its last and that founder Steve Jobs will not deliver his annual keynote speech. The Cupertino computer giant’s December 16 statement has reignited concern over Jobs’ health as well as speculation about where Apple will make its presence felt in January, 2010. Now the rumor magnet hardware/software firm could not be more blatant. Don’t speculate, it says: copulate. Jobs announced that Apple will purchase

Shocker: Some Pornorazzi hated

“They stand there. They get in the way. They gawk. You can hear them breathing.” As Santa Ana winds and a tightening ring of fire drive adult casts, crews, and the media personnel that cover them closer together, both sides are chafing at the intrusion of new-school pornorazzi – people with disposables and camera phones itching to get close to their idols at porn parties and sets. A veteran director told me that he used to demand closed sets, but

Black and grey Friday in the porn world, Gawker Media

The porn industry is contracting somewhat, and familiar faces at some companies are either leaving porn altogether or are moving to other companies to be familiar faces there. I’ll mention some people in the latter category. My pal Joanne Cachapero at XBiz will be leaving to become Membership Director of the Free Speech Coalition, an adult industry lobbying group. Farley Cahen of AVN will move to Digital Playground in a “New Media” position, leaving his current job open (and I

Vicky Vette: When boobs are not enough

Erotic Scandinavian among erotic Scandinavians Vicky Vette, whose wholesome sauciness evokes the pornstars of the 90’s, is in a near dead heat with someone named Tera Patrick over a Best Boobs contest on a site called Booble. At this writing, Vette is ahead. But there seems to be a Clintonesque backroom campaign designed to snatch that title away from her, Vette thinks, involving the willingness of the adult press, as represented by trade publications AVN and XBiz, to give more

Don’t go breaking my Covenant

As America’s foremost critic of pornographic and pornotextual material (it even says so on my parking space), I am often asked, upon writing an unfavorable review of a movie, what right I have to say so if I have never directed or performed in a pornographic movie? A reasonable question if one disregards the following two things: Do I have to be a chef to appreciate good cooking? If I throw up, am I therefore a bad eater? How come

Columbia Journalism Review addresses porn megaconglomerates

With today’s announcement that Magna Publishing, parent company of furtive, raincoat-wearing gentlemen’s magazine Genesis, has purchased bestubbled, bathrobe-wearing gentlemen’s magazine Gallery, media watchers are concerned that a large segment of print medium porn consumers will no longer be represented at the corner, cheap cigar-smelling news stand. “This happened in 1994 when Sexonaut merged with Clam,” said Columbia Journalism Review manging editor Darren Perch-Tounge, “and suddenly a whole generation of gentlemen who smelled like their dogs and day-old despair was voiceless.

When Black Friday comes to AVN

AVN laid off 16 employees today, including senior editor Mike Albo, long a fixture on the adult reportage scene, having previously edited Hustler’s Erotic Video Guide. Also let go were AVN’s receptionist and employees throughout the company, from Art to the warehouse. News travels fast. An AVN employee asked how I knew, and I remembered how I’d read about my own firing five years ago on Mike South’s blog. That’s 16 employees set adrift through Porn Valley. I recall no

AVNAds breaks up with AdBrite

AVNAds, the completely transparent and bug-free ad-serving program that was the shadowy adult side of AdBrite, has broken from its mainstream partner, which is now seeking adult signups via its Black Label Ads program. Both AVN and AVNads were down over the weekend, but both seem to be functioning properly now. No news as to why Mom and Dad parted ways, but I’ve got dozens of dollars in allowance at stake here, so I hope things get patched up soon.

Industry shocker: AVN redesign doesn’t look like ass

AVN has relaunched its website and the result is impressive. Graphically, the site is less busy than it was before, and videos do not play automatically, which was a problem with the old design. A headline refreshes every few seconds accompanied by a larger, tabloid-style picture. Without appearing like a gossip blog or a news aggregator, AVN balances what actual news there is in the adult business with arresting images. Read more after the gap. “Let’s face it,” said Loup

XBiz Summer Forum ’07 in review

Whenever I go to any kind of convention, the rhythmic motions of my neck, like the waters of Solaris, conspire to turn my ID necklace around, so all anyone sees is the name of whatever company sponsored the costly lamination/lanyard process. On a deeper level, it raises questions of who we really are. In the porn world, there have always been two camps. I feel that, of the two adult trade publications, AVN is more defiantly pro-porn; freakier in its

New copy of XBiz World contains mousepad

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — Adult industry trade journal XBizWorld this month included a mousepad with its 130-page magazine, confusing a number of subscribers. “I don’t know what kind of message they’re trying to send,” said Porfirio B. of GoateeCash, the pornography business’ most popular affiliate program. “Am I supposed to read the magazine or scan it into my computer and then read it on my computer?” The adult industry is contending with a steep drop in DVD sales, and ad rates

XBiz relaunch: Something about Statue of Liberty, David Lee Roth

As you well know, I should be the last person consulted about adult website design (because a world in which someone would ask me about website design means one in which Lurk Ford, Rock and Roll Gene Ross, Mike South, Tod Hunter, and everyone on MySpace are already dead) but I feel XBiz is mixing messages in its relaunch campaign, which incorporates a French-made statue, a Van Halen song, and Marvel Comics typesetting, none of which shouts “porn” to me

Trade mags preparing site relaunches

Because no one likes the old and used, both of the adult business’ trade publications have spent the Spring rolling their new websites to the launchpad. AVN has been tinkering with its design for at least six months, and XBiz is reportedly planning a relaunch within the next few weeks. Both sites currently look similar; this is understandable because both are drawing from the same well of advertisers and press releases in a very small industry. Both sites have a

Vivid remakes The Money Shot

Six years in the wake of the AVN-financed web series The Money Shot, about the inner workings of a Porn Valley trade magazine, AVN financier Vivid is releasing Layout, about the inner workings of a Porn Valley trade magazine. The Money Shot, about the day to day operations of the Blue Movie Guide (BMG), drew close parallels to Paul Fishbein and Mark Kernes. It starred Bryn Pryor, who just picked up a Best Actor in a Non-Sex Role at this

XBiz launches ’07 Forum, drinks

I stood on the lobby balcony of the Roosevelt Hotel and asked the following question: “Who in this room will benefit from the creation of a .xxx domain?” Silence. “I know I will,” I continued. “I’m going to make a billion dollars.” This loosened people up a little. There’s nothing that inspires webmasters more than a gauntlet being thrown down and, since I made my statement via my Blackberry on a messageboard, everyone responded immediately. “I will you jackass (emoticon

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