“Flashpoint X”: Back(draft) to the Future

flashpoint jenna jamesonNothing pornographic, just Jenna Jameson, circa 1998.

In 2007, Wicked released a tenth anniversary edition of its 1998 movie “Flashpoint.” Calling it “Flashpoint X,” the extra year was for flavor.

I suppose the only reason Wicked had to release a tenth anniversary edition of Flashpoint a year early was that it just couldn’t wait. I forget if there is an AVN award for Best Packaging, but if there is, this four-disc set should get it.


Brad Armstrong presents Jenna Jameson in the 10 year anniversary edition of the mega-budget flick that delivers blistering sex and wild action scenes. Stunning pyrotechnics, incredible locations, and the most awesomely beautiful and daringly decadent cast of performers will blaze across your screen.

…reads the boxcover copy. Friends, if your sex is blistering, first call a doctor, and then an attorney. Sex should never be blistering.

Regardless, this prestige porn of its time is as good or better than any similarly-scaled contemporary movie. And don’t forget that Flashpoint boasts the talents of Jameson, Jill Kelly, and Asia Carrera at their full juiciness. There are other surprises, too.

flashpoint2There’s former AVN writer Mike Albo as a priest. Looking very Michael Chiklis-like in his pre-millennial hairlessness, Albo delivers the Lord’s Prayer like the hellhounds are on his trail. The only downside of this movie is that the acting and dialogue are otherwise uniformly porny. I expected more from such a huge budget, but everything else is great.

flashpoint3The only AVN award Flashpoint received when it was released was for Marketing, yet Wicked and online retailer AdultDVDEmpire claim it to be a consistently strong seller for the company, hence the discontinuance of the original and its replacement by the deluxe version.

Read the review here.

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