Money goggles: ‘Teens for Cash 16’

Like Carol Anne in “Poltergeist,” teens are surrounded by hovering specters drawn to their life force (and tits) in “Teens for Cash.” Remember to move the headstones.

335029Studio: Pink Visual
Director: Various
Starring: Sabrina Starr, Aarielle Alexis, Ellie Idol, Nikki Flame, Juicy Pearl, Rod Fontana, Dick Nasty, Alex Sanders

Some porn films are creepier than others, and that takes some doing. The “Teens for Cash” series makes creepy fun.

It’s high-concept: porn dudes in that blessed and truthful “I No Longer Care” stage of their careers play the part of documentarians who lure unsuspecting teenage women into their lairs with cash.

Pink Visual, which alone among porn companies makes us forget now and then that all the players are in on the joke, produces this series, now in its 16th iteration, and this one is particularly creepy and fun.

Veteran porn stud Alex Sanders feeds visiting Sabrina Starr (she’s returning her dad’s tools) cash so that she will remove her clothes and eventually fuck him. What’s great about the scene is that Starr is both aware of how much a commodity she is, what with her 19 years and knee socks, but coveys how skeeved out she is while still being game to gobbling cock for cash.

Counting the cash at her feet, Starr acknowledges that it’s better pay than babysitting.

The scenarios work best when the girls appear to consider the money and decide that there are worse things they could do for rent. Thus the adorable Aarielle Alexis, wearing a summer dress and delivering their medications to sexagenarian roommates Rod Fontana and Dick Nasty, looks like she’s having a good time.

While the May/October trysts were most effective, also enjoyable was the scene between the very skeptical (and hot) Ellie Idol and two younger douchebags, themselves working the “documentary” angle before they started offering cash for blowjobs.

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