Why Ashley Blue Might Be Cool

The Seymore Butts bus was kind of a non-event, with a lot of people and no liquor. Since Playboy and Showtime were shooting it, the stripper music was all that noodly neo-porn synthesizer stuff that doesn’t require rights being purchased for it. Lapdances were equally intentional and not, as every turn of the bus made someone fall across me. I’m not complaining.

Though a good time was had by all (see pictures linked above), the bus ride was free. And who doesn’t love a free bus ride? Aside from convicted felons? So the paying customer might have some hard choices.

I spoke with Ashley Blue after we disembarked.

AB: Would you like to take a picture of me?
GP: Yes

AB: Would you get some water out of my car?
GP: Is that a condition of my taking a picture of you?

AB: No.

Somebody else got it for her, I think.

AB: Would you back my car up for me?
GP: This is a nice car.

Someone else backed her car up, and almost hit the bus.

AB: Would you like me to pose under the bus, looking all dead?
GP: I think I have found my soul mate for all time.

In the end, Blue did not pose underneath the bus looking all dead, but she did concede to my request to flip the bird to the camera, which is my favorite porn trick, and she also went one farther than the Finger in the Mouth move by sticking her whole fist in there. The only thing she didn’t do was lick her knee, but she was being very gracious already and I hadn’t even brought her any water.

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