AEE panel suggests there are women in the adult industry

Women in Porn: The New Normal
Women in Porn: The New Normal
Sociologist Chauntelle Tibbals moderates a panel at this week’s Adult Entertainment Expo that reflects a porn world in which women are making business decisions for more than themselves.

The New Normal: Women in Adult (Friday, January 18)

11 :30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.

The adult production and novelty industry is a diverse enterprise wherein women are integral at every level. During this panel, an occupationally diverse collection of women will share their experiences working in adult, highlighting the challenges, advantages, adventures, and quirks of a business commonly construed as being “run by men.” P[anelists: Jacky St. James, (New Sensations), Wendy Summers, Tanya Tate, Bonnie Feingold (Honey’s Place), Angie Rowntree (Wasteland), Natalie Star

Tibbals, a Ph.D and Visiting Scholar at USC, is such a thoughtful observer of the porn world in Los Angeles that leaving a conversation with her makes you feel smarter. She has also assembled an “occupationally diverse” group of panelists, including British MILF performer Tanya Tate, the transsexual performer Wendy Summers, and writer/director Jacky St. James, whose New Sensations Romance movies have been rightfully sweeping awards.

Occupational diversity is important to Tibbals, who says the public’s understanding of the porn industry is limited.

“[This panel] adds a lot of depth to the seminar schedule as a whole and works to combat misconceptions about adult in general,” she says, “[which is] my ongoing mission [here].”

I can’t help but think of sports organizations that up until recently awarded trophies to Outstanding Black Athletes. Just as there are no “White Athlete” awards, there are no seminars about “Men In Porn” (because “Men” is understood, and porn is never, ever, ever redundant).

While Tibbals’ is a seminar that, if all goes right, won’t be necessary in a few years because there will be an equality of decision-making (perhaps even resulting in equal pay for male performers), I look forward to what will surely be a lively and informative discussion.

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