“Atomic Vixens” on MySpace

Atomic Vixens
Atomic Vixens was once a dream a few people had; now it is a MySpace page in anticipation of a marketing push of guerilla proportions at the AVN convention.

While someone like me should not be complaining about the pages loaded with bad HTML that characterize 90 percent of MySpace sites, the simple truth that even someone like me is complaining about pages loaded with bad HTML has to mean something. That and the fact that every poetry-scrawling, wrist-cutting, drum-and-bass-listening, Dr. Seuss footwear-wearing, vocal fry-having, notebook doodling, bra-stuffing, camera phone using, male makeup-applying, text-messaging, OC-watching trustafarian has a MySpace account (and spends 12 hours a day there) is of concern to me.

Still, the web is an important emerging technology; I read about it in all the highly professional trade magazines!!! !!! !!!

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