Everybody must get “Wasted” [video]

As you know, I’ve had my share of porn set drama, made all the more surprising by the fact that (I think I) scrupulously try to avoid it.

That is why I’m shocked that a movie documenting the plagued production of “Wasted” is even being released. Continue reading Everybody must get “Wasted”

Someone’s Cunting Daughter: Porn stars and their favorite horror movies

Trapped inside the Demon in 1973’s “The Exorcist,” Burke Dennings says, “Do you know what she did? Your cunting daughter?”

Now, since every female porn star, we are reminded, is someone‘s daughter, I return for a second installment of Gaping with Fear. Continue reading Someone’s Cunting Daughter: Porn stars and their favorite horror movies

Sabrina Deep in Berlin: The Examined Vagina [video]

I am intrigued by and enamored of the very public pornstress Sabrina Deep because she is the real deal (not that I am not also fond of certain fake deals for their entertainment value, absorbency, and sponginess). We talked about her recent experience squirting for, and at, fans in Berlin. Continue reading Sabrina Deep in Berlin: The Examined Vagina

Searching for Solace in the Sex Worker World

There is no doubt that people engaged in sex work—dancers, escorts, porn performers—are compensated at market value for a necessary service that an overwhelming number of adults have consumed. But it is also true that, even in an age in which Lindsay Lohan posing for Playboy was just a matter of time, that the profession is stigmatized and its practitioners are often frustrated in transitioning out, getting help through a rough patch, or simply being heard.

There are a number of organizations which purport to help sex workers in need; I found SolaceSF to be one that delivers on the promise. Continue reading Searching for Solace in the Sex Worker World

Submit to be tied: “The Truth About O” [video]

You will not find any slouching, mumbling, or hijinks on the set of Ernest Greene’s lifestyle-submissive movie “The Truth About O,” the third in his award-winning porn adaptation of “The Story of O.” That’s because this an adult adult movie. Continue reading Submit to be tied: “The Truth About O”

Jesse Jane blames quitting rumors on broken hyphen

It was whispered by the tweeting classes recently that Jesse Jane, for nine years the darling able-bodied pixie bombshell of Digital Playground, was shooting her final movie for the company. But instead of resigning, she just re-signed. Continue reading Jesse Jane blames quitting rumors on broken hyphen

“Portrait of a Call Girl” has a lot to say

“Portrait of A Call Girl,” written and directed by Graham Travis and starring Jessie Andrews, is the type of porn film I wish I’d seen first, so that movies like “Not the Flintstones XXX” might settle into their proper perspective. It is a self-assured and sexy “Portrait,” and Andrews carries every scene.

But I wasn’t prepared to like it.

See my review and interview with writer/director Graham Travis below. Continue reading “Portrait of a Call Girl” has a lot to say

When Kenny G murdered Mika Tan: Interview with a Villain

If you have to be bound, raped, and murdered, you couldn’t ask for a nicer villain than Tim Woodman. Continue reading When Kenny G murdered Mika Tan: Interview with a Villain

Labor Day in Porn Valley

This weekend I watch Alexis Texas, who is a perfectly charming and affable woman, strip down to nothing and shake each well-exercised buttock independently of the other. Continue reading Labor Day in Porn Valley

“The Four,” just four years later

When Adam & Eve releases Michael Ninn’s “The Four” some time in the near future, viewers will be watching a movie that had a “Pirates”-sized budget attached to an almost-“Deep Throat”-worthy legal battle.

Earlier this year, the fruits of that bankrupting courtroom drama, including this porn take on “300” (which, for an excruciating few years, Ninn lost the rights to), rolled into Ninn’s warehouse in Los Angeles, carried on two semi trucks.

“That was a glorious day,” says Ninn [read more about Ninn’s struggle with Spearmint Rhino here].

But what about the porn?

Surely this tribute to Zack Snyder and Frank Miller, by way of Ridley Scott’s arterial spray and the Wachowski Brothers’ bullet-time, can also stand on its own as a porn movie?

Who wouldn’t travel through Hell’s Gates to see what Cassidey, Nikki Kane, Brea Bennett, Jana Jordan, and Renee Perez are up to? This movie may be four years older, but they stay the same age.

Michael Ninn’s The Four / Trailer Ver.01 Beta from Michael Ninn on Vimeo.

(I doubt that, now that Ninn is back making movies, he will turn his exotic and exacting vision to creating a “Dazed And Confused” parody.)

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Smell the Glove: When Julie Simone met Joe Gallant

Star-crossed romantics Julie Simone and Joe Gallant aren’t lucky people. Both have kicked around the worlds of pornography, music, and daytime television, she beating the living shit out of sylphlike, quivering things in warehouses and he fusing porn with Beat poetry. Continue reading Smell the Glove: When Julie Simone met Joe Gallant

Everybody’s Gokkun: Kelly Shibari’s Libertarian bukkake

Long ago I taught English to foreign businesspeople. The Japanese loved me for my Gojiro impression. One day, while we were talking about onomatopoeia (the formation of a word, like “knock,” “scrape,” or “meow,” from the sound it describes), one student told me his cat was named Nyang. Continue reading Everybody’s Gokkun: Kelly Shibari’s Libertarian bukkake

“Cherry”: Lorelei Lee writes about porn for a bigger screen

Writer, porn actress, and MFA candidate Lorelei Lee is home for the summer, booking talent for a scene at Kink.com’s site “Wired Pussy.”

“You’ve done this before, so you know what to expect,” she is saying on the phone. “Just give yourself time to breathe.”

With the completion of the movie “Cherry,” a story about the porn industry that she co-wrote with “Adderall Diaries” author Stephen Elliot, Lee is poised to quietly overtake Sasha Grey, Tera Patrick, and Jenna Jameson in bringing an adult industry narrative to the general public. The movie stars James Franco, Heather Graham, Ashley Hinshaw, and Lili Taylor.

“And I was in a scene for it just downstairs,” Lee says.

Lee is a Master’s candidate in the Creative Writing program at New York University, but she has also worked for Kink.com, as well as dozens of L.A.-based porn companies, for nearly a decade (it is for this reason I have her pose by a calculator). She and Elliot wrote “Cherry” in the Fall of 2010.

“It’s one girl’s story who happens to be a porn performer,” Lee says.

“Is Cherry’s character based on you?” I ask.

“People are going to think that this is a story of my life,” Lee says, “but it’s not. Tiny bits are similar, but Cherry is a different person.”

I met Lee several years ago. She had been working for Kink and other fetish sites for a few years, but had only recently signed with L.A. porn agent Mark Spiegler. She quickly got work in some of Porn Valley’s most hardcore productions. In the waning days of MySpace blogs, she would write about her porn experiences beautifully, and eventually became a sought-after speaker at universities before earning a spot at grad school, where her professors include Jonathen Lethem and “Secretary” author Mary Gaitskill.

Lee describes co-writer Elliot as a “San Francisco fixture,” which I interpret as someone who is not unfamiliar with the inside of Kink.com’s Armory building. Lee has starred in and/or directed for several of Kink.com’s sites, including Pissing.com, Wired Pussy, Device Bondage, Fucking Machines, and Hogtied.

“What is your writing partnership like?” I ask.

“I found myself wanting to fight about small nuances of language,” Lee says. “But my mother told me I was doing that since I was 2 or 3. Stephen claims he can’t write stories, and was better with dialogue. And I don’t want to write all the stories. I hadn’t tried this collaboration on such a scale before, and it’s funny to find out where your priorities are.”

Lee and Elliot would meet occasionally, but they also wrote much of the script by email.

“There’s a precision to it that I didn’t expect, and it was thrilling and obsessive,” Lee says about scriptwriting. “You can get caught up in the exactitude like writing a poem, which a script is definitely not.”

Elliot had scored a hit with his hybrid true crime/memoir “The Adderall Diaries” in 2009 and was in talks with Academy Award nominee James Franco (“127 Hours”) to direct and star in a film adaptation (the film is still officially “in development,” with a tentative release date of 2013). In the meantime, Elliot could co-write and direct the lower-budgeted “Cherry” much faster.

Franco (last seen on the street of San Francisco as Harvey Milk’s boyfriend in “Milk”), plays a coke-addicted lawyer with whom the “troubled 18-year-old” lead (Ashley Hinshaw of Abercrombie & Fitch fame) gets involved. Lili Taylor plays Hinshaw’s alcoholic mother, and Heather Graham co-stars as a porn director.

“Does she play it as a grown up version of Rollergirl from ‘Boogie Nights’?” I ask.

“If so, it’s a big leap,” Lorelei says. “(Graham’s character) is really a third-wave feminist.”

Lee is very happy with the way the scenes at the Armory played out.

“We filmed for about three weeks,” she says, “and I found myself very detached from the production sometimes. It’s so much bigger than me.”

The Kink.com building is pretty big itself, at 220,000 square feet over five floors, and has been used for an increasing number of mainstream shoots recently, with the screams of Hollywood Second Unit Directors comingling with those of Public Disgrace participants.

Lee’s career trajectory in and out of porn has been fascinating—just as has that of Sasha Grey—and I ask her if her classmates or students at NYU connected the dots.

“Oh, they knew long before I knew they knew,” Lee says. “I feel like I’m the least interesting person at my school. But I was at a party and it came up and everyone was a little sheepish but said, ‘Of course we knew you’re a porn star.’ Still, they were very respectful. But one person said, ‘If we had a prince in our class we’d want to know about that, too.’ I liked that they put ‘porn star’ up there with ‘prince.'”

Back for the summer, Lee works a few days a week booking models. “I wrangle talent. It’s easy for me to explain how the scenes go. I can tell a director what it’s reasonable to ask of the models. I still talk with Spiegler occasionally, which is a treat. And then I go back to school in the fall, where I’ll be studying with Mary Gaitskill.”

With Lee, like a lot of people (including myself), a career is something that is less orchestrated than it is something to be considered and made sense of in retrospect. So it’s not useful for me to ask what her “plan” is.

“I haven’t had the luxury of just doing one thing at a time for a living,” she says when I ask her, regardless of the previous paragraph, what she wants to “do.” “My ideal world is that I’m writing so much that I forget about everything else.

“Still, I have a genuine affection for this place when I walk in here.”

“Cherry” is scheduled for release in 2012.

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Lexi Belle: Birthday Suit

Lexi Belle is so achingly beautiful that you almost don’t want to imagine doing the horrible/wonderful things to her that this job requires. But she’s up for it.

Belle, who today turns 25, was on set for Gazzman’s “Megan Coxxx: Nymphomaniac.” This was four days ago, when she was just 24.

Because the well-known actor who was supposed to introduce the movie, Angus Scrimm-style, had not shown up, I was prepared to take the bullet and don a lab coat and deliver the following lines:

What is a nymphomaniac?
A deviant?
A lascivious she-whore? (I will be taking the writing credit on that line, per the WGA)
Some may say, “A Harlot.”
Or is she a woman who is in touch with her innermost sexual desires?
A woman unafraid to reach out and embrace the burning core of her freakery?
A woman like Megan Coxxx: Nymphomaniac??!

As I rehearsed, I informed Belle that I was a professional and wouldn’t abuse my status as an actor by trying to inseminate her.

“That’s OK,” she said. “The dirtier, the better.”

That is not to say that Lexi Belle herself is a mercenary nymphomaniac, throwing herself with abandon at any journalist, no matter how beloved, for a few well-chosen words; Nay, but that she knew I was joking, and she joked back.

Later, she shaved her pubes into a perfect isosceles triangle as she explained to Coxxx that the first time a camera caught her giving a blowjob, she was unhappy with the results.

“I sucked, and not in a good way,” she said.

That night, in a boiler room famous for its appearance in “Nightmare on Elm Street” (the real version, not the porn one), she endured boobs-high dust getting into all her secret places. She worked for hours, and made sure everyone on set got her promotional material, consisting of stickers and a photo of her in full clown makeup. I like that she’s silly.

I think the key to success in the porn industry is knowing what and what not to take seriously, and when, and Belle has that down. When she quits porn, she says, she wants to be a real estate agent.

“I am very excited by real estate,” she says.

Can you imagine Belle in a smart business suit cooking apple cider in the kitchen of a home for which she has the listing? I can.

In fact, I’d buy two houses. Even if someone was murdered in them. Even if it was Belle who commited the murders. Even if Belle murdered me. That’s how strongly I feel.

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The American Spirit of Megan Coxxx

I spoke with the charming and long-leggedy British porn star Megan Coxxx this week while she filmed for Harmony Productions’ director Gazzman. We taught each other about our respective cultures, including how Americans say goodbye and the best way to prepare and eat a Corgi.

When you see her in “Megan Coxxx: Nymphomaniac,” you will encounter a person who is all business. This is appropriate, as the business of porn is business. But in person Coxxx is as sweet as a scone, or whatever it is those people eat. I was happy to breathe in her second-hand American Spirit particles as we laughed over how “smoking fags” means something different here.

[hdplay id=26 ]

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Kelly Shibari’s BBW Bukkake: Irish boobs with Japanese efficiency

When I ask her what appeals to her in the fellating or manipulating to climax up to 30 men in her upcoming “Kelly Shibari’s Big Beautiful Bukkake And Blowjob Show,” Ms. Shibari seems confused by the question.

“You mean other than being covered in buckets of come?” she says.

“Well, yes,” I say, asking the hard questions (because You Can’t Spell Journalism without JismTM).

“I like giving head more than I like having sex,” she says, “and the scenes I like to watch are of girls taking on a lot of guys and getting really, really messy.”

Shibari attributes her huge boobs to the Irish side of her family, but I ask if she feels a cultural affinity to the bukkake because of her Japanese ancestry.

“You know,” I say, “like how I love the banjo and NASCAR.”

“Not really,” she says. “Or maybe. I like to please people. The problem with having a threesome or foursome (which is the extent of Shibari’s on- or offscreen experience to date) is that someone invariably feels left out. With a 30-person bukkake, everyone will be treated equally.”

Shibari conceived the idea during the Women’s World Cup as Team USA prepared to face Japan.

“Last year there was Team BJ, where (Bobbi Eden and Vicky Vette) offered to give blowjobs to Twitter followers if the Dutch won the World Cup,” she says. “With this, everybody wins.”

It would be just as significant if there were no connection to soccer whatsoever, but Shibari says she will be wearing soccer socks to maintain a narrative, which is so important in bukkakes.

I ask if her basic submissive nature would be tested by the arrival, on the August 7 shoot day, of a man she found revolting.

“Well,” she says, “I’m not into the shaved-head, steroid-pumped, MMA guys. I like Midwestern, beer-drinking, chubby white guys. So my standards are different than most porn girls’. Plus, unless he is clearly unbathed or homeless—in which case he proably wouldn’t have a test—I’m pretty much open to anyone.”

The test Shibari refers to is the standard “adult industry panel” offered by clinics like Talent Testing Service for about $110. Participants must show proof that they have taken and passed this test and provide valid ID. Shibari will vet all potential participants prior to the shoot.

There have been BBW gangbangs in the past
, but Shibari says this one will be different because blowjobs and handjobs require a little more work.

“I’ve got 90 minutes to get 30 guys’-worth of come on me,” she says. “And these aren’t necessarily going to be industry guys with industry dicks.”

“So you’ll have to reach farther,” I say.

“Yes,” she says.

“Do you think you can really bring off a guy every three minutes?” I ask.

It is here Shibari drops an essential truth about bukkakes in particular and porn in general.

“There’s going to be a certain amount of guys jerking themselves off,” she says. “Though I will have contact with each of their dicks in some way. The purpose of the bukkake is that they come on me.”

And Shibari provides a lovely, rolling surface, like the planet Solaris. I have written a haiku about it:

You, virgin snowfield
Gleaming, ripe and expectant
I’ll jerk off on you

“Kelly Shibari’s Big Beautiful Blowjob And Bukkake Show” will be broadcast on the popular porn cam service Streamate. There is an open call for participants, each of whom must be tested and be able to deliver themselves to Los Angeles (and to deliver onto Kelly Shibari).

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