Fleshlight uncorks Nina Hartley’s legendary bits-in-a-can

Nina Hartley poses with a (mastur)beta version of her upcoming Fleshlight
Fleshlight, the Austin-based marital aid company that makes molds of your favorite porn stars’ parts and then replicates them in a fuckable can, has immortalized Nina Hartley for its “Legends” series.

“They’ve got these tight, firm young things,” Hartley says. “like Asa Akira, Katsuni, and Stoya…and I’m the drapiest one, I bet, but I look just fine.”

If you’ve never seen a Fleshlight, it looks like a massive can of Foster’s Lager that you’d only be able to buy in Australia. But inside is a patented alginate mold of the vagina, anus, or mouth of many of your favorite performers, including the last two parts of several gay performers.

“I was thrilled,” says Hartley, who flew to Austin last month for the official engooping. “I got picked up in a car with Puma Swede—who I love, and who was also getting her mold done—and brought to this nondescript office park in Austin. But inside the people are wonderful and the whole place is filled with art. Fleshlight is an American success story.”

At a time when porn consumers are becoming more aware that performers receive no residuals and are getting less work and being paid less for it, Fleshlight’s compensation package for its models is attractive.

“In addition to model fees,” Hartley says, “each model gets a cut of each of her Fleshlights sold through an affiliate program.”

Gram Ponante: What did you have to do to prepare?
Nina Hartley: I’d sent in some pictures about a month before of my mouth, butt, and vagina, and when I arrived they had made this amazing freehand sculpture of what the Fleshlight would look like. I was very happy.

Gram: Was it otherworldly to be presented with this version of yourself?
Nina: Yes. It was shocking at first. When it comes to how they look on camera, I’m insecure about my bits—
Gram:—you’re the total package—
Nina:—but it was so nice to look at them this way.

Gram: What was the molding process like?
Nina: In terms of the poses, it wasn’t too different from some of the extended poses you’d have on a [porn] set. I was on my knees with my feet and butt in the air, in a gyno chair. And the actual application of the alginate was more pleasant than I thought.

Gram: You’re a sex educator as well, so you’re very familiar with those marriageable parts of yourself. But seeing them disembodied as functional art must have been—
Nina:—cool. With these other girls you see the clitoral shaft and the glans right out there, but mine are a little behind the drapes, which is going to be a great experience.
Gram: Yes, like divine mysteries.
Nina: I imagine it will be great for cock control. And when I give a class, I can just whip out my own Fleshlight rather than have to get naked.

Gram: What will you do with the finished product?
Nina: I think it’s really going to be interesting to strap on a strap-on and fuck myself.

Nina Hartley’s Fleshlight, first in the company’s Legends series, is expected to be available by Fall, 2012.

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