Feather Beyond Thunderdome

Much more needs to be said about Ren Savant’s big-budget post-apocalyptic The 8th Day for Adam & Eve (due to be released in February), but here is a picture from today’s shoot in the city of Bellflower, which the U.S. Department of the Interior has designated a post-apocalyptic zone all by itself.

Standing in front of a group of extras (each of whom has his or her own poignant and rich story) is a 21-year-old named Feather Rosewood. She hails from Sacramento and doesn’t even have a web presence yet. Because I am two years older than she is, I run the risk of sounding curmudgeonly when I say that she is larval.

“I do art nudes and magazine shoots, but just myself, not with other girls, nothing in me, and not having sex,” she said, which seemed pretty apocalyptic to me, especially since I originally thought her porn surname was Blowswood, and had become confused.

More about The 8th Day very soon.

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