Jax’ faces of death

My friends at gardening site BlueBlood sent an interview with bodymodded action figure/porn star Jax and her views on horror movies and the difference between being hung from a hook on purpose and being hung from a hook, er, unexpectedly.

“Being forced and being willing I feel are two entirely different experiences,” Jax said. “For example, when you willingly do a one hook suspension, it is because you want to experience the pain, the emotion and the overall sense of what is going on. I can’t imagine being forced to do a suspension.”

Jax goes on to say, without intending to make a pun, that hanging from a hook for fun is an uplifting experience.

Jax has had her tongue bifurcated and can make each tip move independently, which I think is a great skill. She also loves her boyfriend:

“I like to make girls suck my guy’s dick,” she said. “Like MAKE them. Grab their hair and slam his dick down their throats. Then get really jealous they both enjoy it and beat her ass.”

And what other simple pleasures delight this folksy homebody?

“Add some big boots and you’ve weakened my will,” she said.

See the rest of the interview and galleries here.

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