Mandy Morbid: Cthulhu is my copilot

Tentacular Canadian Mandy Morbid (TCMM) is visited by the chief of The Old Ones in a new video on her site, shot like it’s Abraham Zapruder’s student film from Miskatonic University.

“It’s more hot than gross,” claims director Zak Sabbath, but you be the judge. The tentacles were upholstered with a series of black condoms and their issue, Sabbath said, “is a proprietray substance.”

Morbid needn’t feel ashamed about the attack. It’s not like she was asking for it, even sleeping in the provocative way she was; when the tentacles come, there is nothing you can do.

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2 thoughts on “Mandy Morbid: Cthulhu is my copilot

  1. I saw this on her site the other day – it was far better than I would have expected it to be.

    *too much exposure to Japanese hentai and squids and whatnot*

  2. got to say i loved this alot you never see stuff like this anywhere but i wuld like to see more of it look’d better then first impressions

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