Siri at Home or: If You Want to be Topless, Be Topless

Here’s Siri at her Studio City home. I’d asked her to dress so that the average reader would want her to take more clothes off, and she complied. For several minutes I watched her lotion up her legs, just for you.

I’m doing a series for Gamelink called “Fresh Ass” in which I play a clueless NPR-style interviewer, and Siri was my first session. The videos will be out shortly. Siri has a thought-provoking story about Come in the Eye.


Later Siri showed me her Shrine of Gifts And Doodads, collected from generous fans and her own curating. I especially like the original “Harold And Maude” soundtrack on vinyl.

“But I love you, Siri,” I said.

“Grams: That’s wonderful!” she replied. “Go and love some more.”

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