The tannens in Miss Samson

Savanna Samson has been described as having great legs and isn’t too fruity. Just one swirl will reveal her opulence. While not as full-bodied as I like them, Samson is definitely not the dregs, and her bouquet is mesmerizing and transcendent.

Vivid is increasing their odd product affiliations that now include rims and cosmetics with a Samson-endorsed wine. The company would have you believe that Ms. Samson became a vintner last year in collaboration with Italian wine maker Roberto Cipresso.

“Ms. Samson and Mr. Cipresso will introduce ‘Vintage Sogno Uno 2004’, the first Savanna Wine, at a Venetian carnivale themed party filled with food, wine and mystery,” say Samson’s representatives, not adding that the mystery involves a cork one must suck off.

The event goes down Monday at New York’s La Masseria Restaurant on 48th Street between 8th and Broadway.

Our east coast friends say that, unlike rims and cosmetics, Vivid wine might actually reflect the endorser’s personality. “The difference is that Savanna has passion for wine,” our associate said.

A review in Decanter indicates that the wine is the real thing, as is Cipresso. It is a “blend of 70% Cesanese, 20% Sangiovese and 10% Montepulciano,” the review notes, adding that Samson knows her stuff, in addition to her yellow Ferraris.

“If it made the wine list at Daniel,” said Mallcom‘s Steve Javors, who drinks like a fish, “it’s got to be good.”

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