There is nothing that could possibly look better on this chair than Chanel Preston

Sofa with a secret
Sofa with a secret

It wasn’t until I moved to California that I saw chairs like this. It is almost an embarrassment of a chair. You feel, irrationally, that having this chair in your house means someone in another country needed to have died.

And there’s Chanel Preston. She’s like the Secret of the Grail: “The Chair And Chanel Preston Are One.” If I could only have this chair and Chanel Preston, you say, everything would be good again. Oh, and a freezer full of meat.

This image is taken from the bondage-lite movie “Bound By Desire: Act II—Collared And Kept Well,” in which the pigeon-sized Casey Calvert learns the ways of the bondage submissive at the hands of Richie Calhoun. I’m not your go-to bondage guy (it just seems like so much work), but I respect the fetish, and the people who live that way. I can guarantee you that no one in that community would believe Casey Calvert for a second.

Furthermore, “Bound By Desire: Act II—Collared And Kept Well” is not the best title. I can’t imagine going into my neighborhood Red Hot Video—sporting my monocle and Miniature Greyhound—and asking for “Bound By Desire: Act II—Collared And Kept Well.” I’d be shot in the face.

But Chanel Preston brings gravitas to her role, in no small part to this massive, significant, thirsty chair. After one session with Chanel Preston on this chair, you might just die.

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