Vivid goes interracial with Choco Tacos

Conan O’Brien recently walked across Cahuenga Blvd. to meet Vivid girls Meggan Mallone, Monique Alexander, and Sunny Leone.

Should the porn industry have to leave California, this might be the Boston native’s last chance.

The “Tonight Show” host also visited new neighbors in a ski shop and a sign shop, further legitimizing Vivid in particular and the adult business in general in the minds of Americans who also read signs and wear skis.

“We’re all fans of the show and we were delighted that they wanted to visit with us,” said Vivid co-founder Steven Hirsch. “Everyone involved in producing the segment was fun to work with and we’re hoping that they visit again since we’re right across the street from the NBC studios.”

As you can see, none of the segments is particularly funny, though the Vivid episode is the best, so that’s something. In addition to touting AJ Bailey as the World’s Smartest Porn Star (actual press release) and suggesting to OctoMom she should do porn, Vivid can lay claim to being funnier than the kid in the sign store, and also to just keeping some guy named Ian/Eon around despite lack of customers.

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