Boxcover of the Week: I think you know already, Arial Rose

I don’t want to run afoul of anyone who is shocked that I see a correlation between the way someone dresses and the perception that she may be a “slut,” but I can’t help but think that, upon review of the boxcover of Hustler’s “Barely Legal 118,” Arial Rose might be lying when she states that she may still need to be taught to be a nasty girl.

I mean, look at the way she’s dressed.

“Teach me to be a nasty girl!” reads the pink-stroked text. Not only is she topless and pulling her panties down, but the font is pink-stroked! It would be like me coming up to you and saying, “Who is this Gordon Lightfoot everyone’s talking about?”

Only if we are honest with each other can nasty girls be appreciated for the sluts they are.

Buy “Barely Legal 118” here

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  1. Hearing him sing about the room “where you do what you don’t confess” always made me feel like listening to my Uncle (also bearded, serious, a citizen of the Commonwealth) talk about sex.

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