Cash brings vaginas together: Vegas through the eyes of two pornographers

Anal O.G.: Tom Petty is to Dr. Dre as Madison Young is to Tony Flush

Before you think all pornography is the same, consider two movies shot the same week in the same block of Las Vegas Blvd. by two different pornographers.

The work of Tony Flush and Madison Young suggests that vaginas can be approached from two different angles.

Both Young and Flush, like hundreds of other porn professionals, managed to sneak in some sub rosa filming (both sex for money and the photography of same are illegal in Clark County) during the week of the Adult Entertainment Expo this January, and it was interesting to watch Flush’s “Prowlin’ for Pussy 2” and Young’s “Lucky: A Woman’s POV,” in which the only things the filmmakers held in common were their temporary Las Vegas addresses housing women who could be vaginally penetrated for money.

For example, not once does Young refer to any of her subjects as a “fly trick” or “bitch” and not once does Flush talk about “moving things forward” or “queer identity” as he primps for an Eon McKai party. Yet both have got fleshy white women spread-eagled on a couch getting paid to have sex with them.

It is as if the performers’ personal hopes, reservations, and artistic temperament all take a back seat to cash.

Is it possible that Young and Flush shot these movies in Bizarro wormhole Las Vegases, in which the one where women paid to fuck on film talked about empowerment and sex positivism and the other one’s women paid to fuck on film swigged ‘gnac and gobbled black dick? It’s like “The Golden Compass” with cumshots. It boggles the mind.

Prior to moving to Los Angeles from sleepy Bogue Chitto-adjacent, my concept of this place was formed entirely by the lyrics of Tom Petty and Dr. Dre. But even in my uninformed state (of Mississippi), I knew that I wanted something between Petty’s suburban wasteland and Dre’s ghetto dystopia. Maybe something more Elliot Smithy.

Consider Dr. Dre:

The sun went down when I hit Slauson
On my way to the Strip, now I’m just flossin’
Checkin’ my rearview, cause niggaz they will do
Jack moves, black fools cause I smack fools
Try to set me up for a two-eleven
Fuck around and get caught up in a one-eight-seven

Is this really the same town where lives a woman about whom Tom Petty sang:

She’s a Good Girl
Loves her mama
Loves horses, and America, too
— ?

I guess that what happens in vaginas stays in vaginas.

There are obviously more things under the Sun than are dreamt of in my philosophy. At least I can always count on San Francisco to never confuse me.

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  1. Big difference between “The Valley” and (the area formerly known as) South Central, haha.

    I love that I have both of those songs on my hard drive (’cause I don’t have an iPod).

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