Lexi Belle: But is it art?

I get a lot of requests to write something – anything – about Lexi Belle, who is from “the South” and Cute As Hell.

“The reason I got into porn was to totally enhance my college experience,” she says in director Andre Madness’ Real College Girls 16, a movie that incorporates interviews into sex scenes. Myself, I got into porn to totally negate my college experience. But Belle, 20, and I, 23, are of different generations.

Madness is a great gonzo director because, very simply, his movies don’t look like a camera was mounted to a truck and that truck was then driven through the movie. We don’t hear him asking the questions and so can focus on Belle when she says:

“My major? [pause] Art. I like it.”

We don’t hear background noise and we don’t see the edges of sets. A viewer doesn’t get the feeling that a couch was dragged into a bus station and that the scene is about to be crashed by a homeless man.

Don’t get me wrong, the homeless have been used effectively in some porn movies, but in general I like Madness’ approach. Things are real quiet when Belle says she doesn’t get crushes on her professors.

“There is a lot of cute girls. A lot of cute freshmans. So I am a real college student, not a fake one.”

Belle is utterly charming. But I don’t believe for a second she is a real college student. Unless she attended Sarah Palin’s alma mater. Go Vandals!

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  1. I’ve never asked you to write anything about Lexi Belle, but you did read my mind. What a terrific porn star. Many of her scenes are, in the words of Bill Hicks, “pure fucking art.” You should definitely post mor about her, if possible, she’s the best there is.

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