McCain campaign considers Hillary Scott’s mom

Details magazine thoughtfully provided a list of ten women in politics who it thought were hotter than Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin.

Clockwise from right we see Palin’s recent Vogue cover, then Carey Torrice, commissioner of Macomb County, Michigan (I think Ms. Torrice looks like Hillary Scott), South Dakota congresswoman Stephanie Herseth Sandlin, and Mary Carey (I know this doesn’t count, but she did run for California governor and ate at the White House).

Assemblywomen Janelle Hyer Spencer of New York and Nicole Parra of California round out the list in a pair of poses I call “Gram’s Beans And Franks.”

What terrifies me is that I don’t see a great deal of difference in the general ill-advisedness of having either Sarah Palin or Mary Carey as a leader, aside from the fact that Carey ran as a joke and Palin might actually believe she’s qualified.

Since you’re asking, I’d go with Hillary Scott. At least she was in Corruption. Or maybe Hillary Scott’s mom.

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