Out of frame with Eva Dior

First the most important thing: For the next eight days the Porn Valley talent agency ATM-LA will be charging a paltry $900 for Boy/Girl scenes. This is a substantial discount from the going rate and addresses the traditional work slowdown between Christmas and the beginning of the AVN convention in January.

So, for example, the likes of Sarah Shine, Tyla Wynn, and Kenzie Marie can be, as they say, “had” for 10 percent off what these delicious treats on legs expect from Martin Luther King Jr. Day all the way through the Advent calendar. I assume that this $900 doesn’t cover anal, however.

Now on to the trenchant observations you’ve come to expect from this site in lieu of news substitutes and poorly-written press releases: Eva Dior. Dios mio.

The middle picture reminds me of “all those nooks and crannies to hold the melted butter” that is the hallmark of Thomas’s English Muffins.

But just as I’m deeply concerned about what can go on and inside Eva Dior, each picture of her leaves open to the imagination what is happening just outside the frame, perhaps standing near the couch, suggesting her every move.

I consulted GramPonante.com Spirit World emissary Nostrilingus and he said there were a host of things just beyond our terrestrial/mortal view, including:

  • Shelob
  • Samuel Beckett
  • Identical twin chupacabras
  • Eva Dior’s long lost twin, Shiva, on her own couch
  • A bunny
  • Cthulhu

So, as you can see, $900 is a really good deal. And with Cthulhu joining the Dior sisters in the sack, you’re in for a non-Euclidean time.

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