Sex mit Stoya macht frei

Stoya is being coy-a about the rumor that Marilyn Manson shaved a swastika on her pubes.

“Well gosh Grams,” she said, “I have yet to see a recent photograph of my vagina and its pubic topiary, so right now it’s all just hearsay and rumors, isn’t it?”

Yes. And that is why I contacted you before writing anything. But is it true that Marilyn Manson, 18 years your senior, shaved a symbol more provocative than the No Fat Chicks t-shirt onto you? If so, how did he do it?

“If it was true,” she said, “I’d assume it involved some hair clippers and maybe shaving cream. Possibly a stencil and pencil of some sort – ”

Okay, I get it –

” – A bathtub or other source of water would probably come in handy in that hypothetical situation as well,” said Stoya.

Oh, Stoya. What has happened to us?

I remember my initial rise to fame. I felt like a princess. But then there were detractors who said that Grams, like Icarus, was getting too close to the Sun and would fall! A sacrifice needed to be made. I started dating Lita Ford and staying out late. I appeared on the cover of Adam Film World with Traci Lords. I forgot that my fame needed to be gently shepherded like a bird or, to avoid mixing metaphors, like a bird made of sheep.

Whether it was a publicity stunt, poorly calculated lie, or our friend Stoya caught up in someone else’s thoughtless self-promotion, I’ll only say that when Stoya showed me her vagina it didn’t look like a concentration camp; it looked like an analog playground.

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  1. Well, that clears that up, and by that, I mean it doesn't. I'm not sure there's enough WTF for this story. I am curious as to why our friends at Fleshbot didn't make a post about it, seeing as how they're all about the Stoya (I posted a link in the comments on the recent post about MM and Stoya, but I guess it was too late in the news cycle to gain any attention).

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