“She-Male Police”: What happens below the waist should not be above the law

For some people who have succumbed to the overwhelming ennui of porn saturation, only transsexuals will do. For others, transsexuals provide the same kind of top/bottom disconnect that I get from my bifocals. And more power to them. But the biggest crime of “She-Male Police 2” is that there are now two of them.

Granted, I am not this movie’s target audience, amazed as I was by how female in voice and demeanor cover model Bailey Jay seemed. But if you’re gonna make a movie with “police” in the title, you kind of need a crime.

Instead, the legendary director Joey Silvera places transsexuals in police costumes and hopes for the best. Sasha Strokes, a dead ringer for Sandra Denton of Salt’n’Pepa, half-heartedly waves a gun around in a hastily-improvised scene, but, man, would I get away with that in “Lesbian Police,” “MILF Police,” or “Asian Police”?

It is as if transsexual porn is somehow above the law.

If you are to make a movie called “She-Male Police,” the educated consumer demands you portray transsexual police officers running, jumping, coaching basketball to disadvantaged teens, infiltrating gangs, and overcoming their fear of the water to kill a Great White Shark that has been terrorizing Amity Island. Only then will you truly respect the she-male.

Instead, these she-males hardly seemed authoritative or pillars of their community. The movie should have been called “She-male Strikebreaking Ralph’s Security Guards.”

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