Go, Daddy or: This Ain’t Danica Patrick

I am aware that you do not come to this site for its comprehensive coverage of shemale shenanigans, but when I saw the cover of “Shemale Pornstar: Domino Presley,” I really did think that NASCAR had proven too much for Danica Patrick and she’d decided to take the desk that Vivid had been offering Octomom.

Domino Presley is the transsexual star of Third World Media’s “Shemale Pornstar,” a collection of scenes featuring this ambitious tranny in interludes with Christian XXX, Ty, and (fellow?) (similarly endowed?) tranny Britney Markham.

Transsexuals are a divisive group in porn, if anything because the simple act of applying a pronoun to them becomes fraught with politics. Some gender-fluid folk prefer “she” while others like “they.” Were I to change my various sexual apparata, I would refer to myself as “Red Barchetta.”

Anyway, if you’ve read this far I’ll let you in on something else: while I have no problem as the happily-married father of two to detail the wonderful/terrible things I would do to Farrah Rae (with my wife’s approval, God Bless Her), I feel self-conscious introducing trannies to this site, as I have encountered strident and grief-stricken emails the last few times I’ve featured them.

At the same time, I am often enjoined by old friends to save all my tranny DVDs for them, as that is the only kind of porn they can any longer be stimulated by.

What would Dale Earnhardt do?

So here’s Domino Presley in a movie directed by Buddy Wood. Presley reveals several enlightening things in her interview, including her fantasy of returning home to find a burglar in her room that she can then seduce.

“It’s only a fantasy,” she says when cautioned about stalkers finding her address.

In the movie, the burglar is played by ChristianXXX, Porn Valley’s tranny-fucker of note.

“I don’t care if he knows or not;” Presley says of her fictional home invader. “He’ll find out.”

In another scene, Presley is joined in a jerkoff session by Britney Markham, who utters the first Universal Truth I’ve heard in 2011.

“Did you like coming all over me?” says Markham. “Everybody likes coming all over everybody, don’t they?

Later, Presley fucks Ty, the guy washing her Porsche. This is the scene I think should pre-empt next year’s Indianapolis 500.

“You can’t just lay there and do nothing,” says Presley of her work habits. “I want to be the hot shit that everyone goes to. [But] I don’t want to be a raging cunt about it.

“I’m not lazy, ladies,” continues Presley. “If you are, I’m coming for your job, if I haven’t taken it already.”

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