So Long, Hollie Stevens

Hollie Stevens in San Francisco, Summer 2008

Hollie Stevens stayed ornery until the end, to the delight and consternation of her hospice team, friends, and husband. She succumbed to breast cancer July 2. She was 30.

There was a male hospice worker assigned to Hollie, who came to the apartment she shared with her new husband, comedian Eric Cash. The couple married in a hospital common area in June, and the marriage would last 23 days. When Hollie was released to hospice care, she would torment the straitlaced nurse by “giving him the stinkeye”—according to friend Laura Lasky—and finally whispered “Molester.”

If you knew her personally, or watched her interact with fans on cam shows, you’d see what a term of affection that was.

Stevens grew up in Kansas City, Missouri. Her porn resume runs the gamut from appearances in “Barely Legal” and ClubJenna to Clown Porn to She had a vicious sense of humor and a lot of friends.

According to Lasky, Hollie slept most of her final five days, and Cash was holding her hand when she took her last breath. Prior to that, her hospice period found her frequently lucid, and fighting to stay that way. She would demand “beverages and treats” and her friends and nursing staff would fall over themselves to get them.

Lasky says there are a number of Hollie-related projects in the works, including what amounts to a seminar—written by Hollie—on How Not To Deal with A Loved One Dying of Cancer. In addition, a San Francisco memorial service is being scheduled for later this month.

I visited Hollie last July. She was in between sessions of chemo and was still working for, wearing a wig. At no time during the weekend did I think it was even possible she would die.

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Hollie was weirded out by the money that came in from donors; she was grateful but felt odd taking it. Toward the end, she set things in motion that would help other adult performers and women battling breast cancer.

She knew a month ago that she would likely not make it, but she was also darkly optimistic that her plight would encourage other women to get themselves checked.

“Maybe they’ll listen to me now that I’m dead,” she said.

We’ll miss you, Hollie; come back and haunt us some time.

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10 thoughts on “So Long, Hollie Stevens

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  2. Having recently lost my 32 year old son to cancer my heart goes out to Hollie’s family and loved ones.

    We all need to be more aware of the need to find a cure for this disease. It seems stupid that we can put a man on the moon but we haven’t yet found a cure for cancer.

  3. I am glad she was that strong, and that she will leave a legacy that may help to spare others from suffering.

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  5. Hollie, you are missed. You are one of the best pron performers I ever knew, not because of how you looked, but because you are REAL. You deserved a way better dish than you were served and, if there is something out there, know that I send you my love.

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