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brothel life ponanteI’ve been to a few brothels in my callow youth and I have never, ever seen one that looks like the kind that are depicted in porn movies. And that’s fine.

The Moonlite Bunnyranch? A collection of windswept trailers in the desert. The Kennedy Compound it is not (and I’ve also been to the Kennedy Compound which, despite what you may have heard, is even less like a brothel). The fleshpits of Tijuana? Bars where the tequila tastes like feet attached to Soviet-style hotels reeking of disinfectant and the palpable despair of veracruzanas.

Anyway, I drove to a familiar house in Woodland Hills where a company called West Coast Flava was shooting “The Brothel Life.”

“I’m the madam,” said the perfectly cast Vannah Sterling as she slipped in and out of clothes and character. “I get it up the ass from Mr. Marcus at the end.”

We were standing outside on a slightly chilly day that did great things for Sterling’s nipples.

“A lot of the Skinemax movies featuring bordellos and brothels don’t have the madam in sex scenes,” I noted. “Why is this movie different?

“Because I like to get it up the ass?” Sterling said.

I talked with the director to be sure. He was upstairs shooting Elena Heiress against a purple wall.

T.B. is not just a man – he’s a condition. The production manager of African-American-centric West Coast Productions, T.B. created West Coast Flava a year ago to focus on different niches, and distributes the movies through WCP.

“We’re shooting higher-end gonzos with a little bit of a plot,” the Los Angeles native said. “And we try to get a good blend of girls no one has ever seen before with girls you’d recognize.”

Elena Heiress has some great tattoos on her back, but she is getting one on her belly lasered off.

“I want to be a contract girl,” she said, and she feels that a frontal tattoo might hurt her chances.

But why does Vannah Sterling get it in the ass?

The first time I saw this house it looked more like the brothels I spent my childhood in, learning to play piano while the good-hearted whores taught me about life; its carpets were stained, the floors looked bad, and the furniture was mismatched. Today the place looked great.

Except for the sex swing.

There is something about the Porn Valley attitude toward money that can drive people a little nuts. You might be walking through a pleasant home with a great view of trees and mountains and then stumble into what appears to be a living room except it has a sex swing bolted to the rafters. It’s just a little more gaudy than the stripper pole. You expect Al Goldstein to come shuffling by saying “I’m hung like a squirrel but I can smell your wife’s cunt.”

Luckily, the sex swing was just there for the production.

The prostitutes Sterling manages were all healthy, well-fed, clean, sexy, and appropriately attired. Elena Heiress, Jessica Bangkok, Alexis Breeze, Angel Cummings, and Vanilla Red flounced around the carpet awaiting orders. I especially liked Red’s outfit, which holds appeal for people who like stockings and people who couldn’t care less about them.

I like T.B. as a director. He seems to like what he’s doing. While posing the group he solicited advice from visitors.

“If it was up to me it’d be all booty,” he said. “Booty booty booty. But this isn’t an all-booty picture. You gotta show the front of them.”

Yes you do. Thanks for jumping on that grenade.

Aside from Mr. Marcus bringing up the rear as it were, other brothel patrons included C.J. Wright and a man named Jodi Breeze, new to the porn business. He does not seem like a Jodi Breeze. But I admire his courage. “Breeze” seems like a good pimp name from the 70’s.

“Sometimes you gotta bring the hand down,” he said.

In the corner the girls arranged themselves for eventual plucking by the patrons. They sat, they stood, they draped themselves over each other. Elena Heiress had a really bad habit of putting her hand in front of Jessica Bangkok’s crotch for each picture I took.

“Please stop doing that,” I said. “She wants me to see it.” Maybe Heiress was trying to protect me from the madness that grips all men drawn into Bangkok’s vagina.

The last time I saw Marcus he was wearing a Red Sox hat. That was also the last year (2007) the Red Sox won the World Series. His choice of Dodger cap might be a vote for Manny Ramirez.

“I’m not saying anything,” Marcus said.

Despite the sunlit and unrealistic classiness of this brothel, Brothel Life has one welcome element that outskanks its real-world counterparts: No condoms. Porn is about the fantasy, after all.

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  2. WOW! Thats was very good. Thank you for allowing us to share this with our fb friends and family. I am so proud of this company and greatful to be part of such an awesome cause! People need help with their finances and this business opportunity where you can own your own business!

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