“This girl is half his age”—Faye Valentine

halfmyage1My first day as managing editor of AVN.com was five years ago this week. Naturally I felt a little odd that I would be writing about other 18-year-olds and their experiences in the porn business. Since I was the same age, would I have the proper perspective? Is this a business that preys on the young?

Now quadragenarian pornographer Brandon Iron gives voice to that concern with She Is Half My Age, starring the piebald Las Vegan Faye Valentine. I asked Iron to describe the feeling that washed over him when he realized that, when he reached his own draft age in 1983, the stars of his movie were not yet born. I was expecting words like “horrified,” “contrite,” and “Don’t stand so close to me ’86.”

“Jubilation,” he said.

The movie has several variations on the theme of “You make me feel creepy and old, but there is something in you that seeks out this kind of attention, conceived as you were in the backward time that allowed Mr. Mister to become famous” and is often as charming as it is uncomfortably on the nose, as if the only more descriptive title would be “This Wouldn’t Happen if She Weren’t Being Paid for It, And Even Then a few People Backed Out.”

Iron plans to release several editions of this future series, at least until he turns 54 and he needs to change the title.

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3 thoughts on ““This girl is half his age”—Faye Valentine

  1. Although she has something special, I’m not a fan of Faye Valentine, actually. A great thought: “when he reached his own draft age in 1983, the stars of his movie were not yet born”. That makes you think, I suppose, but if you are still woking on this, it’s not that bad.

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