Thomas Aquinas becomes Digital Playground contract saint

Digital Playground, the award-winning studio and leading provider of world-class content to Aristotelian reasoning, is pleased to announce it has signed an exclusive deal with Thomas Aquinas(TM), making the Doctor Angelicus the studio’s newest contract saint to illuminate the prestigious roster.

Aquinas will make his Dominican/Franciscan debut in second quarter 2008. The portly, dark-complected theologian will also star in the upcoming “Summa Theologica II: Summa Summa Theologica,” the highly anticipated treatise published by Digital Playground’s award-winning Ecclesiastical Philosophy division in collaboration with the University of Naples.

“Sounds like ‘Nipples,'” joked Pope Urban IV.

Samantha Lewis, Digital Playground CEO comments, “When I initially encountered Aquinas’ teachings about the nature of angels I loved that he had such clear cut and defined ideas about their ability to move from point A to point B without passing through anything in between. We strive to make all our contract saints to not appear like they’ve sustained any damage. Aquinas is simple, a methodical thinker, and has no qualms about all that it takes to make his case before the Second Council of Lyons, where me and Joone hope he will reconcile the Greek and Latin churches and Tera Patrick. I look forward to working very closely with St. Thomas and helping him to grow a prestigious career at Digital Playground along with Sts. Augustine(TM), Ambrose(TM), Jerome(TM), Gregory(TM) and Riley Saint Eele(TM). We welcome Thomas Aquinas as our newest contract saint and look forward to presenting him to the canonical court at Avignon.”

Thomas Aquinas(TM) comments, “Digital Playground is the only company that can launch my career almost overnight. Its owners and staff are dedicated to creating saints. I’m impressed that quality and branding are the objective; our goals are the same – to define the Trinity in simple and unconfusing terms, free of the Sophia Santi heresy. This is a dream come true, I am so happy to be Digital Playground’s newest theological scholar and to have the opportunity to work with Samantha and Joone on ‘Pirates II.'”

Joone, Digital Playground Founder and award-winning director confirms, “A truly unexpected find, Thomas Aquinas(TM) is the total package. He is smart, pious, overflows with self-confidence, and knows that nothing is in the intellect that was not first in the senses, as we ourselves have stated in the series Jack’s Big Ass Show. We love that he is fresh, ambitious, and has goals that pertain to international acceptance of Christ and Blu-Ray. We are pleased to have Thomas Aquinas(TM) as our newest contract saint and encourage our fans to have a beatification-off in his honor!”

Added Aquinas(TM), who died in 1274, “I’m wondering how many starlets can dance on the head of my cock.”

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