Camille Crimson brings a plus-one to her fellatio party

Two o'cock with Camille Crimson and Clara Lawson
Two o’cock with Camille Crimson and Clara Lawson

Blowjobs are great when they are performed by a loving partner you trust to not stop at the wrong time, change direction, fall asleep, gag prematurely, bite reflexively, actually blow to the point your abdomen inflates, make popping sounds like one of those tribe members who have never seen the sun, squeal “GAK!”, spit with derision while sighing loudly, or put your penis in her eyeball by mistake, but imagine the planetload of goodwill that is engendered when that partner brings in a willing assistant.

This is the dilemma faced by Mike Flirt, blowjob surface for Montrealer Camille Crimson and her new associate, ingenue Clara Lawson.

Writes Crimson on “The Art of Blowjob” page:

There’s such an intense desire to show her what I know, to pass along my passion for beautiful blowjobs, using you as the perfect canvas for our art. I want to explore our connection, just kissing her soft lips and stroking her hair, sometimes pausing to look into her big brown eyes. This collaboration is based on attraction, playfulness and a love for what we do. Everything feel sweet but tinged with a kind of deep eroticism. It’s really amazing.

Sometimes I just watch her sucking you, marvelling at how she picks up my little nuances, but also breathes life into them with her own style. Then she watches me, seeing how well I know your cock and how much I know about giving a sensual blowjob. Then, there are times when I look up at you, caught in the moment and loving every sensation. I want you to feel this pleasure, to experience two mouths on your cock, both so deeply aroused by giving blowjobs and by each other. As you come for us, straight into my mouth, we give you knowing glances and turn to each other to share a cum-filled kiss.

For me, blowjobs are like Tapas. They’re great preludes to what I see as The Actual Event, but I’m not one of those people who says “Let’s go out for Tapas!”

But Crimson, Flirt, and now Lawson make a serious business of Fellatio as an end of itself, and I respect that, I respect their respect for it, and I respect others who feel the way they do, even if, myself, I instruct visitors to just amuse their goddamn bouche for a minute, because I’m not staying.

I ask Clara Lawson via Twitter if Crimson in her tutelage ever gets impatient with her (“NO! That’s NOT how you do it!”), because I couldn’t imagine that sort of conflict erupting just inches from the magnetic middle of me.

“I’m a good student,” Lawson says.

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  1. I kind of feel like a kid whose mommy and daddy just introduced you to your new “aunt,” who will be staying in mommy and daddy’s bedroom for awhile.

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