Hair-pulling During Fellatio: Mechanical And Evolutionary Perspectives Vis-à-Vis Ashli Ames

Why do we pull hair during sex? I think we do it the way we start lawnmowers; it seems to ignite things. But not everyone likes her hair being pulled.

Ashli Ames looks like her scalp can withstand a little hair pulling, whereas one might feel hesitant to do the same thing to a blonde, lest the hair-pulling blowjob end in tears.


It might be prejudiced to think so, but I’ve always felt that brunettes liked it better when you pulled their hair. John Strong gets a handful of Ashli Ames’ luscious mane in “Dirty Over 30 #6” and won’t let go.

Who could blame him?

Or maybe it’s an evolutionary thing: Do we pull hair during blowjobs to make sure we ejaculate in the right place? Science and all 17 major religions have categorically dismissed the notion of Mouth Babies.

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ashliames10Perhaps it is because Ames appears to be doing a strip tease in front of an expensive treehouse that we’re comfortable believing she’s over 30, or maybe it’s just because she has that kind of frame women achieve when they get fake boobs and want the rest of their bodies to appear as hard.

If I were ever invited to edit an updated edition of “Ourselves, Growing Older” (and I’m getting my crack porn publicity team on that STAT), it would definitely include a chapter on How To Maintain A Body Worth Your Fake Boobs.

Anyway, John Strong clearly appreciates the work Ames has done—and has had done—and he treats her roughly but respectfully.

Because she can handle it.

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