If you want to “Meet Bonnie,” get in line [review]

She’s just been in a handful of movies since alighting on the adult industry in early 2012, but Bonnie Rotten has already landed a very flattering star vehicle in Digital Sin’s “Meet Bonnie.” Why did the ultra-inked Ohioan absolutely deserve her own movie? Because she’s a porn star we can get behind.

Studio: Digital Sin
Director: Eddie Powell
Starring: Bonnie Rotten, Asphyxia Noir, Skin Diamond, Mick Blue, Ramon Nomar, Bruce Venture

Porn is a fantasy of accessibility, but the mistake most pornographers make is to paint a caricature of accessibility by laying on the whorishness too thick.

Ohio’s Bonnie Rotten, 19 and festooned with dozens of tattoos, never takes the act too far in “Meet Bonnie.” In fact, we like her more the more she talks. Sure we want to see her naked, but it’s nice to get to know her.

In extended interview segments directed by Eddie Powell, Rotten never once affects a porny, kinderwhore giggle, bites her thumb, or dumbs herself down for the audience. But that doesn’t mean the wheels aren’t turning. Like Stoya, Rotten has a face full of foreplay.

In four scenes with men, women, and even more men, Rotten mixes an old world flirtiness that would not be unfamiliar to veterans of USO dances with her thoroughly modern, long-limbed, shaved, and inked car show pinup.

“I like victimizing girls and making them come,” she says, smiling as if it just occurred to her to say it out loud, “…tie ’em up…fuck ’em…”

In her scene with Bruce Venture, she sits on his face and spits in the direction of his penis, which is below the frame. Maybe she missed, but she’s smiling as she does it. She really has a joy of engagement that makes you want to get under all those tattoos.

Rotten says she got her first professional tattoo “at 15 or 16,” though she’d been inking herself before that. Among the 30-odd she’s added since then:

  • “If you ain’t sinnin’, you ain’t winnin'”
  • a 1428 for the address of the “Nightmare on Elm Street” house
  • Pigs fucking
  • German thrash metal band Kreator’s lyric “The promise of a better future is a lie”
  • Frank Sinatra
  • Spiderwebs on her breasts.
  • “Camp Blud” from “Friday the 13th” on her knuckles
  • Finally, “Bonnie Rotten” is what she named a zombie pin-up girl tattoo she got when she was 15. She liked her creation so much it became her stage name and “alter ego”

If the witches from “MacBeth” were Belladonna, Bobbi Starr, and Stoya, their brunette creation would likely be Bonnie Rotten.

It’s hard to think of those three as being veterans (because how old would that make me?), but as around the block as Rotten has been (if you’ve ever been to a car show in the Midwest, it is not for tourists), part of her appeal is that she approaches her work with an enthusiasm that is all about being 19.

“I always wear a diamond butt plug to parties,” she says before her anal scene with Mick Blue. “Because I’m always gonna get naked.”

That’s exactly the type of 19-yerar-old you want at your party.

Skin Diamond and Asphyxia Noir team up on Rotten in Scene 3, and that’s a lot of fun, too. Neither have met Rotten before, but they seem to get along, even though Rotten is a few years younger than both.

“It might get weird,” Diamond observes. “But a good kind of weird.”

“Let’s get weird,” says Noir.

Finally Rotten is doubly penetrated by two nice gentlemen, including the palindromic Ramon Nomar. Even though she’s thin, she’s tall, and there is no queasy feeling on the viewer’s part that she can’t take it. In fact, she talks at length about her regimen for getting herself ready for the rigors of anal.

It’s hard to figure out what makes a porn star. Rotten could easily fall to the bottom of the Altporn pile if she weren’t so charming and self-assured, or be shunted off to fetish work if she didn’t take such obvious pleasure in what she does. Whatever it is, you’re rooting for her.

I think you’re about to “Meet Bonnie” at the beginning of a brilliant career.

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