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Hookers. Call girls. High-end escorts. But porn performers?

Here is the frank and ripe Emily Evermoore on the set of the 2007 movie “Insertz,” a “dark parody,” if you will, of the 1974 Richard Dreyfuss movie “Inserts” about the despair of a 1920’s wunderkind director forced to make porn loops for stag parties.

Directed by Roy Karch (whose birthday is Tuesday, though he hasn’t gotten with the program by creating and constantly tweeting his Amazon wishlist), “Insertz” featured a scene in which Evermore plays an escort.

This was excellent casting, not only because Evermoore has the curls and moxie of a Jazz Age flapper, but also because she made no secret of being an escort in real life.

Many porn performers escort, or consent to have their agents arrange “privates,” but this is kept on the down-low. Others, like Mika Tan and Sunny Lane, have famously worked at the Bunny Ranch, using their porn name recognition to increase the glamour of that exotic Nevada location.

Still others draw a huge distinction between acting in porn movies and prostitution. And such is the rich tapestry that is American pornography.

In a perfect world, you’d be able to buy both “Inserts” (co-starring Veronica Cartwright, one of my favorite actresses) and “Insertz” (also starring Nicole Sheridan and, come to think of it, Mika Tan) in the same box set, but you can buy the Dreyfuss version here and the Evermore version here.

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