St. Patrick’s Day with Kylie Ireland: "Because drinking is what you do."

Kylie Ireland doesn’t drink, but just about everyone on the set of JM Productions’ The Violation of Kylie Ireland did.

“And it’s not like I can’t identify alcohol,” Ireland said, “especially when it is spat into my pussy.”

That’s right: though alcohol has not passed the lips on Ireland’s head in seven years, Keeani Lei managed to expectorate some past the equatorial ones.

“It wasn’t pretty,” Ireland said. “My pussy was on fire. It swelled right up.”

This was doubtless painful for Ireland, who can count on two fingers porn shoots that she felt exemplified the things that can go wrong in the adult industry. And this January outing was one of them (the other was an Ed Powers scene in 1994 in which Powers and $6,000 convinced Ireland to try anal).

“Is this a cautionary tale about drinking on porn shoots?” I said. “Should it be discouraged?”

Ireland paused. She plans to write a short novel about her experience on the set of this movie.

“You can drink anything you want,” she finally said. “Just as long as you don’t turn around and spit it into my pussy.”

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