Terri Summers is always covered in something

I have never seen the beautiful Dutch porn star Terri Summers not drenched in some substance.

In 2005 I met her on the set of the gangbang movie “Six in Me,” in which Summers played the title pronoun. You’d assume from the name that each of the “Six” would have actually gotten in her, but you’d be wrong; all six merely came all over her. False advertising? You bet. 32 percent of the original six are now doing jail time, but that’s unrelated. Or is it?

But, for all the rapid turnover in porn that makes it easy to forget a face, I never forgot Summers. Is it because some of my come got on her face accidentally, thus marking her as mine until the end of time? That is a question for the Ancients.

Anyway, this week I was screening “Pornolympics: The Anal Games” and instantly seized on a face as the images rolled by. It was covered in mud, as was the rest of her body.

Terri Summers,” I said.

Do we remember people better once we’ve come on their faces? Will the National Institutes of Health give me a grant to find out?

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